Tuesday, April 5, 2011

OOTD: Secretly (?) a Mess

Here's how you distract others (and yourself) from the fact that you haven't taken a shower yet today:

1.  Wear a dress.  The lighter the fabric, the longer you can appear fresh.  A low-cut top is a bonus; if people think your boob may slip out, they are less likely to concern themselves with the fact that something smells weird.

2. Pair with cute but weather-inappropriate shoes.

3.  Accessorize!

Headbands will particularly come in handy halfway through the day when your hair begins to revolt for want of shampoo:

A delicate necklace like this will give you something pretty to focus on when you realize that smell that's been following you around for the last hour and a half is probably you.

I'm not sure if it fooled anyone, but it got me through the day!  (Didn't want to shower before finishing today's 30 Day Shred!)

In This Outfit:
Pencil Eraser Dress (S) (Anthro)
Open Spaces Wedges (40) (Anthro)
May Queen Headband (Anthro)
Enamel Bow Posts (Anthro)
Birdcage Necklace (BCBG) (similar here)

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