Friday, April 15, 2011

OOTD: Scenes of Domestic Ennui

*heaves a big sigh*

I dunno.  Sometimes the best way for me to fight the drudgery of household chores is to wear a pretty dress.  I usually try not to "force myself" to do anything I don't want to do as a way of being gentle and loving with myself, but eventually the laundry piles up and the misery of cleaning my room is outweighed---only slightly---by the misery of living amidst piles of dirty clothes.

I may not always like what I have to do in order to live like a productive adult, but dressing myself in something nice is a lovely way of treating myself and making myself feel good, valued, and comforted in these situations when I'd rather be doing anything else than what I'm doing.  Pre-Weight Watchers, snack food played that comforting role in my life.  Now, its role has been filled by long-coveted and finally acquired beautiful clothing.

(For more reflections on this subject, see Sally's absolutely lovely blog post today, "My body likes...".  I posted my own response in Sally's comment section, and it was wonderful to get in touch with my body and think about what it likes.  I recommend doing the same!)

What about you?  How do you comfort yourself when you have to do something that you don't want to do, or that makes you uncomfortable?

In this outfit:
Anthro Seaside Fields Dress (8) -- [interestingly, the last time I wore this dress I was also trying to comfort myself while doing something I didn't want to do!]
Anthro Blooms Above the Snow Cardigan (M)
Kenneth Cole Reaction Sandals (9)
Star of David Necklace (via Poenta in Jerusalem)
Earrings gifted by sister

PS: Do I keep this cardigan?  It costs $80, which seems super-steep to me, but it's just SO gorgeous.  The embroidered detailing is fabulous, and there's even some on the back, which you can see in the second picture today.

PPS: Do you see the bruising on the outside of my two big toes?  That's what happened after I walked around all day the previous day in the Open Spaces Wedges.  YIKES.  My experience with those shoes has been that they are AWESOMELY COMFORTABLE for about four or five hours, and then they take a dramatic and sudden turn for the painful.

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