Wednesday, April 27, 2011

OOTD: Primarily Warm Weather

The weather has utterly stumped me lately.  One day it's cool, one day it's sweaty-hot.  Every day, my iPhone warns me that there will be a torrential downpour, and yet I'm greeted by clear weather.  It's difficult to figure out what to wear when the environment is having trouble deciding what to wear, too.

So, I went simple.

Primary colors.  The fundamental shades that make up all other shades.  "Back to basics" in the most Sesame Street way possible!

This outfit may also be a reflection of the fact that, as finals approach, I am less and less capable of sparing anything resembling complex thought for anything other than studying.

What a sad, sad prospect for such happy, happy colors.
In this Outfit:
Banana Republic Shirt
Izaac Mizrahi for Target Skirt (thrifted)
Anthropologie Gift Bow Belt
Coach Necklace and Ring
Gold hoop earrings (gifted)
Lovely People Judy Flat ($60 here) (These fit TTS or slightly big. I have my usual 9 with heel grips and it's fine.  Didn't try on the 8.5 so can't comment on the sizing!)

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