Friday, April 29, 2011

OOTD: Obscurely Stormy

Dear Weather,


Where the heck was the torrential rainstorm that was supposed to happen yesterday?  You told me the apocalypse was coming and that it would take the form of an unstoppable thunderstorm, so I acted accordingly.  I put on rain boots before I left the house.  Do you understand me?  RAIN BOOTS.  Do you think I like wearing this crap?

Well, let me clear things up for you:  I DO NOT.  No.  Even more, I don't like putting on rain boots **AND** a raincoat and then walking around like a first-class idiot because you, environment, have decided to be just a bit muggy instead of actually pouring like you're supposed to.

I can't blame you for slacking on the job; after all, I was supposed to be writing a paper yesterday and clearly I was not---I took OOTD photos and then whined on my blog---but guess what, weather?  I am not an all-encompassing force of nature.  You are.  Get your act together for crying out loud.

In this outfit:
Anthro Camera Obscura Chemise (M) (PS: Do we think this is blue?  This looks black in every other light I've put it under but looks navy in the photos.  Perhaps it's just the much deeper black of my cardigan that's making it look blue?  Or what?)
Anthro Shadowsleeve Cardigan (M)
Calvin Klein Raincoat (S)
ALDO Duell Rain boots (39) (PS: these developed a small tear on the toe, so I can no longer recommend you buy them.  Boo, poor showing, ALDO.)
J.Crew Skinny Belt (M)
Express Necklace
Earrings via tjbooboo on Etsy (no longer available; the store closed and re-opened and the merchandise looks a lot different than it did in the first go-round...)

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