Thursday, April 21, 2011

OOTD: Expressing My Rebellion

I know.


You guys didn't like this skirt.

I totally understood where you were coming from, too.  You noticed that it bunches a bit, seems a little bit tight, and that the pleats don't quite lay flat the way they should.  You very wisely pointed out that even a $20 skirt such as this one is not much of a bargain if it isn't something I would have purchased at a higher price, and that even the seemingly inconsequential sum of $20 may be better applied to other things.

Your advice did not fall on deaf ears.

But...I just really like this skirt.

I don't know why, but I'll try to verbalize it.  The color makes me happy.  I like that it's structured and tough and different in shape from many of my other skirts.  I tried it on again this morning---after eating more than twice my daily weight watchers pointsplus target in ONE MEAL at dinner, mind you!---and it felt comfortable and not tight.  (PS: I tried on the bigger size in this skirt, a size 8, and it was way too bulky.)  I've been deliberating for a week, and I've come to the conclusion that my feelings for this skirt are not entirely rooted in the fact that it only cost $20, but also in the fact that I like it.  So I assembled an outfit, walked around in it a bit, and then took the plunge and ripped the tags off the skirt.

And ya know what?  I still like it!

In an effort to explain my feelings about this skirt---and to avoid feeling like that girl who asks for advice and then doesn't take it even when it's practically unanimous---I figured out a way to express myself...

...through a mathematical expression.

Bear with me.

Jewish Girl's Theory of [Bargain-Hunting] Relativity:

Ci ≤ [(Ax)Cro] / D%

Ci = Cost of an item
A = Subjective attractiveness of the item (on a scale of 1-5, 5 being most attractive)
x = Number of times the item will be worn per month (estimate)
Cro = Number of compliments expected to be received per outing (estimate)
D= Discounted percentage, calculated as Ci/Co Where Co is the original cost of the item (basically, what percentage of the original price does the item currently cost?  i.e., an item that is marked down by 80% only costs 20% of its original price, thus D% would be 0.2).

I will buy a sale item if the cost is less than or equal to its attractiveness times the number of times I expect to wear it per month, to the power of the number of compliments I expect to receive on the item per outing, all divided by the percentage discount expressed as a decimal.

Therefore (), conditions are most favorable to the purchase of the item if:
1. Its current price is low
2. It is really attractive
3. It will get a lot of use
4. It is expected to get more than one compliment per outing (even if it's not objectively pretty and will not be worn very often)
5. It is marked down significantly from its original price (indicating good quality and thus good sale value)

Does your own bargain-hunting equation take into account similar factors as mine?  Do you care as much about getting compliments as I apparently do?  Note that if I don't expect to get any compliments on the item, then its attractiveness and use are rendered irrelevant since anything to the power of 0 is 1---and then I would only buy the item if it's $10 and 90% off, basically.  (Of course, I almost always expect to receive at least one compliment per outing for everything I buy, especially from Anthro...)

So, applying my theory to the Runny Yoke Skirt...

C = 20
A = 3.5
x = 2
Cro = 1
D=  0.2 (1 minus 19.95/98)

20 ≤ 71/0.2
20 ≤ 35


I hope that makes things a bit clearer.*

In This Outfit:
Keeping Tabs Tee (Anthro) (S)
Runny Yoke Skirt (Anthro) (6) ($20 here; I'd say this was TTS)
Stormy Plaid Tights (Anthro) (M/L)
Code Pumps (Seychelles) (9) ($63 here in many colors, free shipping both ways, or $40 here without free shipping; TTS)
Poms & Trinkets Necklace (Anthro)
Enamel Bow Posts (Anthro)
Fossil Watch (similar here)
Gone to 'Frisco Ponytail Holder (Anthro)

* What?  Why are you looking at me like that?  

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