Friday, April 1, 2011

I am a Versatile Blogger

Happy April Fool's Day to all!  I've been enjoying reading your thoughts on my last post...I smile every time my email dings (and it's not a message from the law school).  Thanks for keeping me chuckling all day.

I was going to post another Middle East Update today, but I figured it's best to keep things light seeing as how it's a silly day. :-D  Check back tomorrow for the next installment of my Israel travels.

For today, I'm going to join in the fun of the Versatile Blogger Award, thanks to Gabby and Katie!  You like me, you really like me!  Thanks again, ladies.

When you get the Versatile Blogger Award
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1.  Sometimes I get spooked out when I'm home alone.  I let my imagination run away with me and start to think there's someone hiding in my apartment, waiting to ambush me a la every Saw movie or this.  Also, this.  (Sorry, couldn't resist!)  This usually happens right before I have to get ready for bed; it starts with just a random shred of thought that, "Man, it would be creepy if there was someone hiding in my apartment" and eventually blossoms into "OMG SOMEONE DEFINITELY SNUCK INTO MY APARTMENT AND IS LYING IN WAIT FOR ME UNTIL I WASH MY FACE WHEN HE WILL POUNCE!"  It takes every ounce of courage I have to wash my face...I figure that's when I'd be most vulnerable to attack since my eyes aren't open (and I can't open them without getting burning soap in them).  I half expect there to be a second face in the mirror when I come up from the sink.

2.  In college, I did a lot of acting!  I was in both an improvisational and a sketch comedy troupe ("Safety Mix" and "Sphincter Troupe," an all-women's sketch comedy group).  I also acted in a few plays, and I've been in the Vagina Monologues twice!  The first time, I was in a five-person ensemble cast and had several parts, with the monologues "Angry Vagina" and "I Was There In The Room."  The second time, I had the infamous "The Woman Who Loved To Make Vaginas Happy."  My fake tattoo was pretty appropriate, eh?  I do miss acting and writing comedy a bit; perhaps I'll find my way back there in my spare time.  I've occupied myself in law school with the Law Revue, the law school's semi-annual comedy/musical.

The cast of my first production of The Vagina Monologues.  The author, Eve Ensler, came to see the show!  She's the one in the white t-shirt in the center, and I'm standing to her right (your left).

Singing in the law school musical last semester.  The song was called "At EIP" (EIP is our "Early Interview Program" in which we have lots and lots of twenty minute job interviews over the course of several days), sung to the tune of Disney's "Under the Sea."

3.  I split my head open once when I was in seventh grade.  I misjudged a backflip into the pool and hit the my head on the edge.  I mostly held it together until my mom told me they might have to shave my head at the hospital, and then I lost it!  Fortunately, I didn't need any head-shaving...I didn't even need an x-ray, since the wound was so deep doctor could see straight down to my skull, and he could tell it wasn't fractured.  They stapled my head closed, and the next year my scar would vibrate back and forth whenever I concentrated intensely in Algebra II.  I kid you not.  You can read more about the phenomenon here.

4.  My sister and I had a very bad relationship growing up, and I still feel an enormous amount of guilt for how mean to her I was.  We have one picture of one of my pool parties in middle and my friends are all laughing in one corner of the pool, and the photo captured my sister in the opposite corner, alone, looking at us sadly.  I wouldn't let her come near us.  It really breaks my heart to even think about.  The picture haunts me.

5.  Sometimes when my brain is at rest, I recall the most horrible, awkward, embarrassing moments I have ever caused.  I don't know why I do this, but I'd like to stop!

6.  I struggled with what I would call disordered overeating over the summer.  I feel like I've come through to the other side with a new, healthier perspective...or at least I hope so.

7.  My boyfriend and I met at a poker game.  We both LOVE poker...I hope to hone my skills to the point that I can one day play in a few big events!  I've profited over $2000 playing online in the last year and a half, but that's small potatoes compared to what the pros are making online.  I recently decided to step up my online game and focus on making a consistent, withdrawable income.

I'm not going to tag anyone, but I will share a blog I discovered this week that I'm morbidly obsessed with---Willow Bird Baking.  My friend Adrienne (pictured here and here) went to college with this girl and introduced me to her blog.  This girl has been churning out such absurd recipes this week that I could not resist subscribing to her feed.  Here are her most recent recipes (I'm listing them in chronological order, but they also happen to be posted in increasing order of ridiculousness):

Three Safe-to-Eat (Eggless) Cookie Dough Recipes
Cake Batter Cookie Dough Truffles
Deep-Fried Cake Batter Cookie Dough
April Fool's Day Cupfakes (As Adrienne pointed out, these are the exact inverse of my Spaghetti and Meatballs cupcakes.  I WILL be making these cupfakes next year, and I WILL NOT be warning people what they are!)
Solid Gold Pancakes (you wouldn't get this from any other blog...)

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