Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fitting Room Reviews: Tip Tops

Amplified Stripes Blouse, $98 here

This Odille top didn't jump out at me at first, but I saw it on Molly and loved it.  I'm wearing a size four in these pictures (I'm usually a small).  The fit seemed fine; I may have been able to size down for a more fitted look around the torso, but since the top felt comfortable around the arms I didn't try.  The top also comes in a blue motif.  Pictured is the "red" motif, which is really more of an orange color.

The blouse is a bit see-through, but there's enough space underneath for a base layer.  I liked the bold color of the red motif and the light silky fabric is a great summer top.  $98 is a bit too steep for me for this blouse (as is $50 usually), but I'd consider it on second cut.  If your budget is bigger, I'm sure this top will get a lot of wear for the next six months.

Billie Shirt, $30 here

I reviewed this top already here, but only posted pictures of the neutral colorway.  I preferred the neutral colorway since I think it will get more wear/go with more things, but I'm retyping my review below for your convenience:

See-through? Yes? (Less so than the neutral version, but you can still see the shape of my light blue bra under this shirt.)  Pretty, flowy, and versatile? Also yes. I think this will look good with jeans and will look good tucked into a skirt. The fabric is buttery soft and feels light and airy. There's more than enough room for a tanktop underneath to keep me modest. I'm wearing my normal size small here and it felt fine. The XS might have fit, too, but I think this top is meant to be a little roomy.

I do agree with Sian that the little tie in the bottom corner of the top is more or less useless, but I don't think it detracts from the shirt. Since purchasing the neutral colorway on sale, I wore it once (both tucked into a skirt and over cords) and it was everything I hoped it would be---delightfully comfortable and versatile enough to go from pants to skirts.

Rodeo Feat Blouse, $128 here

I never noticed this Ellie Meant blouse online, but in real life it appealed to me due to its whimsical pattern and light silk-like fabric.  In reality, this blouse is actually polyester, which makes its $128 price tag even more offensive.

I'm wearing my normal size small.  The peephole in the chest is a bit obtrusive in the way that all peepholes are kind of obtrusive, and the waist-tie is somewhat useless.  I thought the top looked cute tucked into a skirt, but it was a bit shapeless when loose.  As you can tell, it's also quite see-through:

What I liked most about this top was the cute pattern and the light weight of the fabric.  Overall, I think this top is cute but I find myself furious at its pricetag.  This isn't worth more than $30 or $40 in my opinion, and the fact that it costs more than twice that makes me angry.  Come ON, Anthro.  REALLY?

Bespoke Yoke Tee, $78 here

Hooray, I'm excited about this one!  A nice, basic white tee with a classy, ladylike twist.  Not to mention that, once it hits sale, it will actually be at a reasonable ($40) price!  I like the fact that this white top will go with everything (as do most white tops) while still providing the visual interest of the lace.

I'm wearing my normal size small here and I think it fit fine, albeit a bit loose in the torso.  I didn't try sizing down, but I will before I buy (on sale).  (I'll edit this review once I try on the XS.)  The top was comfortable; what you see is what you get as far as fit and comfort.  It's a bit see-through, and the lace shoulders/back mean you'd need a tanktop and/or a strapless bra to hide your undergarments.

Overall, I'm planning to pick this one up!  If you can believe it, I don't actually have a trusty white tee!

Doolin Cardigan, $30 in stores

The Doolin Cardigan by Moth got a second cut to $30 on Tuesday.  It's not available online anymore as far as I know, but you may still be able to find it in stores.

This piece is not at all worth buying, even for $30.  The material is kind of scratchy and it's WAY oversized.  I'm wearing a size small here (I usually take a medium in cardis) and as you can tell it's still way too big.  It's not even big in the comfy, boyfriend-style sweater type of way.  It's big in the it's-way-too-big-for-you type of way.

Bonus points for the pockets, but still, don't waste your money.

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