Monday, April 11, 2011

EA NYC Shopping Day

Happy Monday, everyone! As often happens on more days than I care to admit, I found myself hopping around between several of the NYC Anthros on Saturday. This round of Anthro-Hopping was definitely more special than usual, though---I met up with Roxy, Thirteen, Spiffy, Kelly, and a few other fabulous EA readers for a day of shopping!

Here's what I wore:

J.Crew Ruffled Cotton Sateen Dress (I think); J.Crew belt, Anthro Shadowsleeve Cardigan, Anthro Open Spaces Wedges, Star of David Necklace from Poenta Boutique in Jerusalem.

You'll read more about the day on Roxy's blog later this week (complete with lots of fun pictures), but I'll give you a little spoiler: it was TONS of fun!!  I really enjoyed meeting my fellow Anthro fans, and it was particularly great to put a voice to the words and pictures I've seen day after day on my Google Reader.  Thirteen is just as fun and funny in person as she is on her blog.  Usha (who I recognized from her feature here) is a total riot, and so friendly!  I also got to meet Stephanie, the awesome reader who returned a navy Field Game Cardigan last week for me to find.

And ROXY.  Roxy is just lovely; she's one of those people who is gifted at making you feel at ease almost immediately.  You may already have this sense from reading her blog, but when you meet Roxy for the first time you immediately feel like she's been your friend for years.

The other girls in attendance were SO sweet and so much fun; it was a thrill to go to Anthro with a pack of ladies who know their stuff.  I went home for the day with that wonderful, glowy feeling that comes from having made new friends.  I look forward to seeing these gals again at the next Anthro event.  Hopefully we can arrange a similar shopping day in D.C., too!

The event was held at the Rockefeller Center Anthropologie and was hosted by Anthropologie's personal shoppers.  The shoppers made our morning at Rockefeller Center truly special.  They sectioned off an area of the fitting rooms for us and provided delightful beverages and snacks while we tried things on to our heart's content.  I'm not sure if this will make sense, but I felt like I was living inside a blog entry on a much bigger Anthro blog than my own (which I guess I was).

I've never used Anthro's personal shopping service before, but the shoppers we met were extremely nice and helpful and just bubbling with different styling ideas for nearly every piece we tried on.  It felt like having a really tactful and stylish friend with you in the dressing room, helping you make everything just a little more fabulous.  I was impressed with how long they'd all been with the company; it seems like everyone had several years of Anthropologie under their belts.

One funny story: I was trying on the Tied Down Dress when Jeff, one of the personal shoppers, suggested I accessorize with a cute belt and shrug.  He ran off to get me a belt while I took a few snaps of the dress in the mirror.  When he returned and started fastening the belt around my waist, I noticed that it was quite small, with only the first belt loop fastenable.  I usually take a medium/large in belts, so said to Jeff, "Aww, that's so sweet!  You brought me a size small."  He said sweetly---almost musically---"No, it's a medium."  With that one exchange, Jeff demonstrated the awesomeness of Anthro's personal shoppers in the following ways:
  • He knew my belt size by eyeballing me
  • He erred on the side of flattering me by bringing a medium belt instead of a large
  • He know how to tell me that he didn't think I was a size small without sounding like a jerk
Here's Jeff's styling of the dress:

The nice uptick of this shopping day for you is that I had time to do TONS of fitting room reviews!  I'll be posting them in two or three installments throughout the week so as not to overwhelm your delicate sensibilities.

For now, I'll leave you with an updated "Sale Haul."  Fortunately for my budget, there's very little on sale right now that I'm excited about, so it was a relatively inexpensive day for me!  However, I'm trying to be mindful of the fact that my two $30 shirts added up to $60, which seems like a much more significant number than $30.  It's easy for me to fall prey to items that are $40 and under at Anthro, but I really need to be mindful of the fact that these small purchases add up.


Billie Shirt, $30 here

The British Anthropologiest actually put this top on my radar, despite her less-than-enthusiastic review of it here.  I thought it looked great on her, and I'm a fan of it on myself, too.

See-through?  Yes?  Pretty, flowy, and versatile?  Also yes.  I think this will look good with jeans and will look good tucked into a skirt.  The fabric is buttery soft and feels light and airy.  There's more than enough room for a tanktop underneath to keep me modest.  I'm wearing my normal size small here and it felt fine.  The XS might have fit, too, but I think this top is meant to be a little roomy.

I do agree with Sian that the little tie in the bottom corner of the top is more or less useless, but I don't think it detracts from the shirt.  Still, the tags aren't off yet, so I guess we'll see how I feel about it when the next sale rolls around!

Military Henley, $30 here

This is a nice, basic tee in a delicious lime green color.  It fit TTS---I'm wearing my normal size small.  I was swimming in the medium.  The fit is comfortable and light.

This top is also pretty see-through (I'm wearing a slip under it in these photos so you can't tell as much), but it's not too form-fitting so there's room for a tanktop underneath.  What drew me to this top was the color; I'm a sucker for citrus colors, and green especially. 

This may end up going back depending on the state of my budget; I love it, but it's hard to justify buying a long-sleeve top at this time of year.  Moreover, I found myself continually tugging at the asymmetrical slant of the neckline in an effort to straighten it out.

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