Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anthro Sale is On! (Double Dose of Fitting Room Reviews)

Somebody call 9-1-1, Anthro new fresh cuts are on the sale floor, woah
I gotta move right now,
Or else someone's gonna beat me to the sale floor, woah...
---To the tune of "Fire Burning"

I usually try not to post more than one blog entry a day, but I wanted to put up a few extra fitting room reviews a bit earlier than I'd planned, since some of the items I tried on over the weekend just hit sale this morning, and I just so happen to be awake.

Check out Roxy's sale thread for a complete list of the items on sale this week at Anthro.

Also check out the fitting room reviews I eagerly posted mere hours ago, which are now sadly buried under this one.

Picked Plaid Skirt, now $50 here

I really liked the country-tablecloth-meets-floral pattern on this Odille skirt, but it fit VERY small.  I usually wear a six, sometimes an eight in high-waisted designs (like the Peppered & Striped Skirt) since I carry my weight in my belly.  The eight in this piece (pictured) was too small at the waist.  I didn't try on the ten, but I suspect that would be the size I'd need for this.  I'd recommend sizing up from the size you usually take in high-waisted skirts (even if that's a size up from your usual).

I think this would be a fun skirt to wear in the spring and summer months, although it's lined and a bit heavy.  It's also long; I don't mind longer cuts but I know some people prefer skirts to be just above the knees.  Something about the skirt (probably the plaid) just makes me want to have a picnic, in a good way.  I probably won't pick this up on sale, but it's a very cute piece that will work well with almost any color top (and maybe polka dots too, if you're adventurous).

Note that the reviews for this skirt online are quite lukewarm.  It currently has about three stars, which may bode well for a second cut in the future.  If you're on the fence about this one, wait.

Wallflower Skirt, now $70 here

This Tracey Reese skirt didn't jump out at me online, but one of the girls at the EA meetup this weekend tried it on and I just thought it was so cute that I couldn't resist donning it myself.  I took an eight in the Tracey Reese Peppered & Striped Skirt, but had to go up to a ten in this skirt to get a comfortable fit around the waist.

I loved the cute embroidered flowers and the rust color is lovely.  This is another longer skirt, coming in right at my knees on my 5'5" frame.  I'm pretty sure this skirt did not have pockets, which---well, let's all just take a moment of silence to mourn that fact.

...Okay, silence over.  In sum, the piece was cute, but I don't think it was doing me any favors.  It's certainly not as flattering as the P&S skirt, but is just about as versatile (or difficult to style, depending on your experience).

Draped Collar Tunic, now $40 here

This looked so fabulous on Mich (here) and on Roxy (in person) that I couldn't resist trying it on.  I fell in love!  Although this top is rayon and not silk, it felt fabulously silky and luxurious to try on and the fit was delightfully flattering.  It also comes in dark green and bright pink colors.  I'm usually a size small in tops and the four (pictured above) fit much better than the six, in which I went swimming (pictured below):

(Size 6)

I think this top is versatile, comfortable, and fills a tunic-length gap in my wardrobe.  Of all the items in this review, the only item I am running out to buy today is this top!  (don't worry, I'm returning a few items to pay for it.)

My biggest concern about the top is that I experienced a bit of button gape-age in the chest after walking around for a few minutes:


I'm not sure if this is a function of the bra I was wearing or if it will do this all the time, but the tags aren't coming off until I figure out whether it will do this all the time.  In the meantime, I like it enough to subject myself to the torture of visiting Anthro on a budget, so that says something.

EDIT (4/19/11): I bought this on sale day, but I'm planning on returning it.  It wrinkles like it's its JOB and it's pretty much unwearable unless you can commit to steaming/ironing it every morning.  There are still a TON left online and I suspect this will get a second cut.  When it does, I'll buy it again and use my savings to purchase a steamer.

So, happy sale day!  Now get out there and try some stuff on.  I've got my eye on that draped collar tunic.  And maybe the Lapis Lazula Shirtdress (now $50, here).  And I may try on the Shade-Made Bermudas (now $40, here).  Maybe.

PS: I changed the HTML in this entry and configured all links to open in a new window.  Please let me know whether you prefer it this way or whether you liked it the old way!  Votes of, "I don't care, I right-click-open-in-a-new-tab everything anyway" are also welcome.

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