Thursday, April 7, 2011

30 Day Shred Discussion Forums

For those who check this blog on a feed and don't click through to my template-ly delcious website, you may not have noticed a new addition to the sidebar.  Near the top, there's a collection of links titled "30 Day Shred Challenge---Resources."  Marissa made a great suggestion yesterday; she requested some sort of forum in which to talk about the 30 Day Shred with other Shredders in order to stay motivated and stay in touch with others doing the challenge.

I thought that was a FANTASTIC idea!  So, here are the logistics:

It seems that the easiest way to do this is to dedicate each "Levelling Up" post (new every ten days) to a discussion of that level (or that duration of time, if you're own your own schedule).  I don't level up again until the 14th, so until then, we'll have our 30 Day Shred Discussion over on the Level 1 post here.  If you're shredding, feel free to pop over there whenever you like to talk Shred (the link is conveniently posted on the top right sidebar for you).  If you're not shredding, please still feel welcome; any fitness/exercise related discussion/motivation/inspiration would be well-received over there.

Sound good?  Good!

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