Monday, April 4, 2011

30 Day Shred: Level 1

I'm so glad there are so many of us participating in the challenge!!  Hooray, shredders!  I plan to run a post every ten days as I move from one level to the next.  Of course, the 30 Day Shred is fair game for discussion any time, but I hope these leveling-up posts can be a way for us to check in to commiserate or talk progress at regular intervals.

My plan for the next 10 days:
DVD Level 1.  Three-pound weights for the first five days, five-pound weights for the second five days (if possible; play that last part by ear).

Starting measurements:
(here's a guide to taking your measurements)
Weight: 140.4 (above my goal weight)
Chest: 32.5"
Waist: 31"
Hips: 36"
Thigh: 22.25"
Arm: 12"

starting photos and notes behind the cut...

Starting pictures:

FYI, It's REALLY hard to find the balance between not "sucking it in" and yet not "sticking it out."  I did my best to give you the version of my tum that's not exaggerated either way.)

Bicep.  Face is cropped out because I apparently cannot wear a normal expression while flexing my bicep.

After procrastinating by playing online poker all day, I had a disappointing finish in a large event (I made $60, but if I'd lasted longer I could have made almost $8,000.  The hand I lost with was the better hand, and my opponent got his money in bad, but he caught a lucky card on the river to beat me.)  Anyway, the need to blow off steam combined with my need to knock out Day 1 of this challenge, so I started my workout at 9:15pm.  I'd forgotten about the annoying and un-skippable DVD intros.  For those of you with similar issues, leave the DVD in your DVD player when you're done (hit stop, but don't exit out of the DVD entirely) in order to avoid this in the future.

The saddest part about starting back up on this DVD was the reminder that I've lost a lot of the strength I once had.  Even my heart rate monitor (HRM) brought it to my attention that I've been a lazy bum lately:

But yes, I am weak now.  I could only do ten regular pushups before I had to get on my knees for the modified version. I was definitely feeling tired almost immediately and my left calf muscle feels pretty tight.  The first level seemed to drag for me, but after that time moved a bit faster.  My favorite part about the 30 Day Shred is that it seems to work at the limits of my tolerance for workout DVDs.  Just when I'm about to get sick of it and turn it off, we're practically done.

My first workout took a little less than 27 minutes.  I burned 235 calories and earned 3 Weight Watchers Activity PointsPlus.  (Calories burned / 80).  My HRM said that 50% of these calories were fat calories.  Compare this to running, in which usually about 35% or 40% of my calories are fat calories.

I am very much looking forward to the rest of this challenge!  I want my muscles back, Jillian Michaels.

So, for those participating...What did you think of Level 1?  Did you take your starting measurements?  Which was the hardest exercise for you?

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