Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sale Haul

This will be my last Anthropologie sale day for the next three weeks (little-to-no internet in Israel), so I wanted to make the most of it! I visited all four NYC Anthros yesterday and picked up two pairs of shoes online.

Here's the haul:

Board Room Trousers (4) ($20): THESE WERE TWENTY DOLLARS.  Leave me alone.

The shoes are the Open Spaces Wedges (40 - size up) ($80) and the Elysse Skimmers (9) ($60).  I ordered them online and don't know if I'll keep either of them.

Rock Candy Ring ($29 with online February birthday discount (bought a few days ago)): I've had my eye on this one for a while.  I reviewed this on in January and planned to wait for sale, but then I caved.  I am now trying to resist the kind-of matching earrings (After the Rain earrings, here).

Painted Denim Belt (J.Crew) (M) ($25 in store, $45 online): Damn if I don't love the color mustard.

Tights: Pointelle Sweater Tights in Chai and Black (M/L, $5 each) and Hue Opaque Purple Tights (2, $7)

Lace long sleeve top by Only Hearts for Anthro (L) ($10): I couldn't resist the price.  This is totally see-through so it'll be a layering piece.

Whipped Woolens Cardigan (M) ($20): THIS WAS TWENTY DOLLARS.

Campaign Jacket (S) ($20): THIS WAS TWENTY DOLLARS.

Shadowsleeve Cardigan (yellow) (M) ($34 with online February birthday discount (bought a few days ago)):  My black cardigan (seen here) has such a wonderful shape, and this color is absolutely rich and gorgeous.  See it on Mich here.

Kindred Spirits Sweaterdress (L) ($40): After seeing this on Jen here, I became intrigued.  I tried it on and fell utterly in love.  The fabric is soft and lush and the fit is so, so flattering.  I really should take a medium or a small in this dress, but the large looks fine and it was the only one left.  I want to wear it tomorrow, and it's usually a good thing if I want to rip the tags off of something immediately.  (I echo Adrienne's point here.)

Wightwick Manor Shirtdress (4) ($20): THIS WAS TWENTY DOLLARS.  (are you starting to get a sense for my "Price Point"?  i.e., the price at which things become irresistible?  Do you have a price point or am I the only one?  Mine differs based on the type of clothing, but for dresses, pants, and jackets/sweaters, $20 is it.)

The next two dresses (Twinkle Twinkle (4) and Grasby Gardens (6)) had been on my APB for a while.  I managed to acquire both of them last week through the EA Trade Market!

Lynx and Leo dress (12) ($10): I know this is a size 12, but it was TEN DOLLARS.  TEN.  Please tell me how I was supposed to leave it on the rack.  See, you can't.  I presumed I would need to tailor it, but bizarrely it's really not that loose on me.  As in, it kind of looks fine as it is.  I'm not sure how that's possible, but I think it may have something to do with the elastic on the back; the dress probably is meant to stretch to accommodate a 12, but my size six body can fit without stretching the elastic.  I know that sounds like a rationalization but I'm watching my weight with Weight Watchers and know I didn't gain four dress sizes recently.  In fact, the dress I wore to the fitting room was a size four.  So I dunno.  There's no logic in this world, but as long as I get to keep buying dresses for $10 I'm game.

To help finance my purchases, I returned my Peggy Sue Dress ($60, since I got 25% off during the extended tag sale, but I haven't worn it yet and don't feel a burning desire to do so), my size six Seaside Fields Dress ($100) (kept the size 8), and my orange Budding Hues Headband ($20).

Did you all get anything in the sale?

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