Thursday, March 17, 2011

OOTD: Inspired Danios

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I have a strangely romantic association with this day; St. Patty's will always remind me of BF.  He wouldn't appreciate my talking about him too much on the blog (especially when I'm out of the country and can't edit the entry until I return), but I just find myself getting a bit sappy around our anniversary every year.  Our anniversary is a week after St. Patty's, which isn't really coincidental.  We hung out on St. Patty's in 2008, and I'll leave out the cute details because he'll kill me (BF IS MANLY!  HE DOES NOT DO CUTE THINGS!), but we set up our first date soon after that green celebration (for the 24th) and the rest is history.

What better outfit photos to post on St. Patty's than an outfit whose primary ingredient is a lovely shade of green?

I only posted one photo in our first installment of Inspiring Interpretations, but it's a shame to let the rest of these outfit photos go to waste!  Thanks to my friend Stephanie for taking all of these great pictures.

(Doesn't this look like fun?  Of course it does!  So don't forget to send in your photo for our next round of Inspiring Interpretations!)

As a refresher, here's the photo I submitted:

What jumped out at me about Tara's photo was mainly aesthetic:  I liked the white + green combo.  I bought this white skirt at the BCBG outlet in Atlantic City for $8 in December and it has since languished in my closet. (I seem toget myself in trouble with $8 skirts). Tara's photo suggested a great way to finally wear my white skirt: with a brightly-colored top (I am a fan of leaf green, personally) and bright shoes.  I also liked the whimsical pattern of the skirt, so I chose a whimsically-patterned dress to wear as a top with my $8 skirt.  It was cold out, so I threw on a green top under the dress for warmth.  

Learning about the influence Tara's grandmother played in her outfit inspired me to add a necklace that once belonged to my great grandmother, Malka, who died long before I was born.  (My first initial is also an "M.")  While looking for a spot to take pictures (with Stephanie, above, before we had brunch) I spotted this little coin-operated ride and it made me think of going to the mall with my grandmother, who often babysat me as a child.  (Yes, both my mother and my grandmother strolled me around the mall for hours in my toddlerhood.  That explains a lot, no?)  I was glad I could pay tribute to both of them in one outfit photo!

Sketched Danios Dress (worn as a top) (Anthro)
Undershirt (Target)
Skirt (BCBG Outlet)
Tights (UO)
Password Pumps (Seychelles)
Watch (Fossil)
Bright Bulbs Posts (Anthro)
Necklace (Passed down from great grandmother Malka)

And now, some never-before-seen extras!

Coat: J.Crew
Purse: Coach

A photo of me and my Grandmother, techie-style.

Close-up of the necklace

Happy St. Patty's to all!  Be safe while you discover your inner Irishman :-)

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