Monday, March 21, 2011

OOTD: Glammzing it Up

I knew the Kindred Spirits Sweaterdress was a good purchase when I could barely restrain myself from ripping off the tags immediately after buying it.  In fact, the tags were off a little more than twelve hours later and I wore this lovely frock all day.  I would have slept in it but I was afraid of stretching it out in my sleep.  It's that comfortable.

The biggest downside to this dress is that it's a size large, which is at least one size (maybe two) too big for me.  As a result, it's going to require an Accidental Peep Show Blocker (i.e., a tanktop).  Because it's so big, I don't mind TOO much that the belt is un-cuttably part of the dress; the fact that belt is built into the waist allows me to tie it back without the dress looking too bulky.

I also like wearing a big necklace with this dress.  I chose the Coalescing Necklace (purchased through Roxy's trade market), which has the advantage of both size and striking color/appearance, while still maintaining its relative simplicity (no frills, gems, flowers, or outrageous attachments.  Not that such things aren't awesome).  The dress is so plain and the chest area so open that it supports a statement necklace well.

I wore this with my moss green Whipped Woolens Cardi (generally kept it off, except in the moments I got cold), and even though it was a lot of green the two pieces looked great together!  The colors are similar enough not to clash and the ruffled edges in the cardigan mesh perfectly with the ruffled collar of the dress.  (I've noticed that, since Amy K's "Breaking the Rules" challenge, I noticed I've created a lot of outfits that are the same color from head to toe.)

You will have to use your imagination since I forgot to take a picture.

Thanks to Jen at VintageGlammz for inspiring me to pick this dress up!  (See it on Jen here)

In this Outfit:
Kindred Spirits Sweaterdress (Anthro) (4)
Tanktop (LOFT) (M)
Pointelle Sweater Tights (Hue via Anthro) (M/L) (note: these started to look a little snagged after a day of gentle wear!  I don't regret the purchase for $5 since they are wonderfully soft and comfortable, but I'm still disappointed that they are already looking fuzzy.)
Slinking Frills Pumps (Anthro) (8.5) (I continue to torture myself by donning these shoes even though I know my feet slip out of them)
Coalescing Necklace (Anthro)
Heart Posts (Coach)
Watch (Fossil)
Rock Candy Ring (Anthro) ($34 here)
Sparkly Headband (J.Crew)

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