Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Modcloth = Meh Cloth

I sort of had a feeling that once my first-ever Modcloth purchases arrived, I would feel pretty lukewarm about them.  Modcloth strikes me as the type of retailer where stuff looks really good hanging in a vacuum, but then once someone puts on the item it's just not quite right.  After reading several reviews of Modcloth in general, which noted that the dresses are consistently shorter than expected and kind of meh, I decided to only place a very small order during the recent Cabin Fever sale.  With no refunds or exchanges, I wasn't willing to risk a lot of money on items of unknown quality.

My items arrived on Wednesday.  (Incidentally, I realized how spoiled Anthro has made me; I placed my Modcloth order on a Thursday and it didn't ship until Monday.  On the other hand, the Anthro order I placed on Wednesday morning shipped by Wednesday afternoon.)

Oh What a Paisley it Was Scarf ($7) (sold out)

This scarf is 100% wool, and I like the natural fibers.  Now I just have to figure out different ways to wear it besides just wrapping it around my neck.

Tea Rose Dress ($21) (sold out)

This dress is 95% polyester.  The size medium was exactly the right fit.  It feels silky, which I like, but I don't think the dress is doing any favors for my shape.  The waist is higher than I realized, so it feels more baby-dollish than I was expecting.  I also think the neckline is conservative without looking cutely vintage, so the end result is a little weird.

It's also short.  It doesn't look that short in the picture, but if I raise my arms up too high then I am about an inch and a half away from getting placed on a list of sexual predators.

I do like the details near the waistline:

Overall, if I could return this dress, I would.  But I can't, so I'm going to experiment with different ways to style it.  Here are my first few attempts:

 Soft and romantic.

A little tougher.

I like the long necklace look; my biggest complaint about the dress is the neckline, and the long necklace seems to draw attention away from that area.

Part of the reason I'm not crazy about this dress is that it reminds me a lot of the way I used to dress before discovering Anthro.  I bought things because they were cheap, and nothing was cut in a particularly flattering way.  The items were pretty in theory but didn't look refined or womanly.  I feel like I'm right back in high school or college when I look at these pictures; as if I'm looking at a girl who doesn't realize that there are nicer clothes out there, that sometimes it's better to pay a little bit more for something that's constructed to complement a woman's body.

I dunno.  Maybe I'm being too dramatic.  I thought about making this an Outfit Triage post, but I really don't think this needs triage per se---I have lots of ideas for how I could style the piece---I just don't think the piece itself is flattering.

Do you all ever think about how you used to dress before discovering the type of clothes that flattered your shape?  Was it even any different, or did you always know how to dress your body?

PS: Check back tomorrow for our next installment of Inspiring Interpretations!

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