Thursday, March 10, 2011

Inspiring Interpretations: Dea

Welcome to the second installment of Inspiring Interpretations!  You can read all about the background behind this challenge here.  You can see the results of our first installment, based on one of Tara's outfits, here.

This feature was inspired by two fashion bloggers---Tara at Little Girl Big Closet and Dea at The Dea Diaries.  Both women wrote about the tug between consumerism and creativity that fashion blogs can inspire.  Upon seeing a beautiful photo on someone else's blog, we can sometimes feel a stronger impulse to just buy whatever they're wearing, instead of looking creatively in our own closet to develop a unique interpretation of their look.  I love the idea that personal style blogs serve a higher function when they become springboards for our own creativity.

That's where "Inspiring Interpretations" comes in.  In this feature, we all create outfits inspired by the same photo.  However, our outfits should be interpretations of the photo rather than facsimiles.  For example, if you own any of the pieces you see in a picture, you may not use them.  Your interpretation can be however loosely or closely based on the original as you like!

Our second photo inspiration comes from the second concept inspiration, Dea.

See more photos over at Dea's blog, here.

Dea says:

The Crocheted Clouds dress was something that I liked from afar but wasn't wowed by it. I tried it on for the first time and thought it was okay, then asked my readers to weigh in on their opinion of the dress. The outstanding majority declared this was not the dress for me and that if I was on the fence I should keep looking, but something pulled me back and so I tried it on a second time and against all caution and advice, I brought it home and love it. It's a dress like no other and the beige, intricate detail reminds me of the hand-made crochet pieces I have inherited from both of my grandmothers. The tablecloths, the doilies on the furniture, the tiny details on the bed sheets - all hand-made and reminders of my childhood. I chose this cardigan for layering because I really liked how the subdued purple matched the tea bag-stained color, and the lengths were complementary to one another. I paired them both with these Seychelles because they have a high heel and elongated my body so I wouldn't appear shorter due to the skirt's length.

So hop to it, readers!  Remember, you can pull your inspiration from anything about the photo/description that you like; your submission can be as loosely or as closely based on Dea's photo as you want.  The only restriction, as always, is that you cannot use the Crocheted Clouds Dress, Elodie Lily Cardigan, Berry Bush Tights, or Cross Your T-Straps in your photo, even if you already own those pieces.

In your email, include your photo and a brief description of your inspiration.  If you have a blog/twitter, you can throw in that link as well!

Please send in your submissions by midnight on March 24.  I will run a post with everybody's submission on Friday, March 25.  I look forward to seeing what you submit!

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