Monday, March 14, 2011

Guest Post: Sahiti

By Sahiti of Adventures in SoRo

My family is a wacky, crazy bunch. We all tease each other to death and our favorite pastime is making fun of each other. And I love it.

I'm the first of my family to be born and raised in the United States. My parents were always adamant that I learn about my culture, and as I'm getting older, I thank them for that. In December, my grandfather experienced a minor stroke, and I've caught myself many times (during class too, whoops...haha) thinking about both him and my family.

My paternal grandmother died of tuberculosis when my father was a teenager, but I always wish that I could have know and seen her. There are no pictures of her, but some people say I look like her. I've always been close to my maternal grandparents, and would spend months at a time in India with them as a child, and still talk to them regularly on the phone. My parents, along with my grandparents, have taught me Telugu (the language of Andra Pradesh, the state of India we are from) and taught me acceptance and understanding of my culture, even growing up in Texas, where I was the only Indian person at my school. As I get older, I appreciate this more and more. One day when I have children, I will teach them the lessons (and the jokes) that my grandparents have taught me. I am so lucky I get to travel to India often.

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