Friday, February 11, 2011

What Stayed, What Went

Judging by my page counts, there was a great deal of morbid curiosity surrounding my massive sale haul last week!  True to my word, most of this stuff ended up going back.  I also retroactively applied my birthday discount to my biggest purchase last week (which included my awesome puffer coat, pictured here).

Overall, it was nice to see the spending balance shift back towards something more normal.

What I Returned:
What's Going Back
First Row
Exbury Gardens Cardigan ($40): Beautiful, but the size I got is too big.  I tried to make a large work, but really I need a medium.
Rising Ra Cardigan ($50): Bulky.  See my review here.
Bracken Stripe Blouse ($30): I bought a size 8 and it's way too big.  There's also an awkward boob gap between the buttons.
Belladonna Top ($40): Ill-fitting. Review here.
Compass Points Top ($30): The size 6 was way too big.
Tuxedo Blazer ($40): I bought both a small and a medium, but neither fits nicely unfortunately.  The fabric was smooth and the cut looked nice, but on me it didn't lay flatteringly.
Undone Cloche ($20): If I was a human being who wore hats with any frequency, this would have been an easy keep.

Second Row
Hints Of Mesh Tee ($30): I purchased this during the tag sale in December.  I also have it in purple and don't need two colors.
Raines Heels ($40): Cute on others, not necessary for me.  Plus, I don't like suede.
Everything-In-Place Cape ($50): This cancelled by Anthro.  Easy decision.
High Society Skirt ($22): I bought this last month and it was one of those "It's only $22!" purchases.  I don't love it.  Back it goes.
Floral Frappe Top ($22): Purchased a few weeks ago.  I love it, but I already have this in lilac, and I wear the lilac one more often.
Pebbled & Primped boots ($60): I actually liked these a lot more than I thought, but they were damaged and I didn't want to keep them, even with the discount.  I will keep my eyes peeled for a different pair of size 9s.

New Purchases:

Honestly.  What did you expect?  That I'd go seven days without buying anything from Anthro?  Don't be absurd.

New Acquisitions

Fruit Cooler Necklace ($30): Kind of an impulse buy, but I'm feeling it right now.  We'll see if I still like it in a few days, but I just think the colors on this guy are so refreshing!

May Queen Headband ($20): I'm a sucker for Anthro headbands.

Lace Lover's Booties ($70): these never jumped out at me online, but I love them in person.

Seaside Fields Dress ($99): still not on sale, but I found it marked down to $99 in Philly since it was the last one.  I've been coveting this dress for months and it is taking FOREVER to hit sale.  This color came out in June and is sold out just about everywhere.

Let me preempt Laura and point out that all of these new acquisitions would form kind of a cute outfit!

I'm *STILL* painfully undecided on these things:

Still Undecided

Field Skirt: I traded my size 6 for an 8 and it (strangely) feels less voluminous and more comfortable.  Still not sure whether I actually need this skirt, although I get the sense it would be very versatile and great for those days when I don't want to think about my outfit.

Seaside Fields Dress: Despite the discounted price tag and my extended longing for this dress, now that I have it, I'm not sure I'm as crazy about this as I originally thought.  The size six feels a bit tight in this colorway.  I haven't gained weight since fitting comfortably into a size six in the other colorway a few months ago, so perhaps they are made slightly differently?  Or perhaps I wasn't paying attention when trying on the first dress?  Dunno.  Will need to deliberate.  $100 is a lot.  Maybe I'll return it and spend the proceeds on the beautiful Blooming Goldenrod Dress? (OH, THAT IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA.)

Side Line Chemise: This only cost me $10, but I think I need a size small and not a medium.  I maybe could make the medium work, and for only $10 it may be worth it.  How many times do you think you'd need to wear a $10 item before it was worth the cost?

Volante Tees: Gah, I still can't pick a color.  Not sure if this is because I want both or because I want neither.

These are, for now, the Keeps:

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