Monday, February 28, 2011

The Weekend's in the Bag: Disney Princess Half Marathon at Disney World

I'm in transit today; I leave Disney around 3pm and won't be back home until evening, so you all will have to wait another day or two for my race report and pictures.  In the meantime, here's a breakdown of my packing strategy for this trip.  (Note: I wrote this post before leaving).
Disney Weekend
My birthday!  A day in the parks, a birthday dinner, an early bedtime.

I decided, perhaps foolishly, that I wanted to wear a birthday dress on my actual birthday---despite the fact that I'd be walking around Disney World all day and hitting the sack early (4am runner line-up time! WHY?!).  I bought the Twinkle Twinkle dress on Effortless Anthropologie (yay!!  I prefer this pattern to the identically-cut Take Action Dress), and it arrived with a few stains on the under lining.  Fortunately there seemed to be no damage to the outer shell of the dress, and I love the fit (and the seller, who never noticed the stains, was kind enough to knock a few bucks off to cover the cleaning) so absolutely no harm no foul!  Still, I know I will have to dry clean it pretty soon.  What better way to get my money's worth out of the dry cleaning bill than to traipse around Disney World in this silken beauty?  I also think the whimsical star pattern fits the spirit of the most magical place on earth.  Paired with a light cardigan (Orlando is 80 degrees during the day, 60 at night; cardigan will easily crumple into my purse) and some casual leather flats. I'm a bit worried that the shoes won't provide enough arch support for a long day of walking, so I'm going to pack some comfort insoles just in case the dogs start barking.

Sunday Morning
Race day

This is the Disney Freaking Princess Half Marathon, and you better believe I'm running this thing in a tutu.  The princess I picked as my "favorite" (a requirement upon sign-up) was Ariel from the Little Mermaid.  Frankly, none of the princesses are particularly role-model worthy, but Ariel especially.  I mean, the girl got a guy to fall from her by not speaking a word and just giving him bedroom eyes for most of the movie.  Not awesome, Ariel.  Still, I think The Little Mermaid was the Disney movie that reminds me of my childhood; it came out when I was at just the right age to appreciate Disney Princesses, so Ariel it is.  I couldn't find a green tutu, so I compensated with a turquoise tutu and green microfiber tights.  Not sure how it will feel to run in these things, but the tutu is very short and mostly shoots out from the waistband so I think there will be minimal rubbing.  I'll also wear a running skirt or bikini bottom under it.

Sunday Afternoon/Evening
More parks, dinner, Boardwalk Disney

After a shower, mom and I are going to hit the parks again, grab another dinner, and then head over to Boardwalk Disney to visit the super-fun dueling piano bar there called Jellyrolls.  My friend Adrienne got married at Disney last May, and a few of us visited this piano bar the night before.  I love sarcastic pianists playing crowd-pleasers!  A brightly colored t-shirt (not the one pictured, but similar) will do the trick.

Lunch, departure

Striped shirt and jeans for comfort in traveling.  Longer sleeves to help ease me back to NYC climates.

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