Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sale Haul, plus What Stayed, What Went

Here's what I bought this week:
This Week's Acquisitions

Even though it wasn't a particularly high-quantity Anthro week (items in the bottom row are from elsewhere), the cardigan, jacket, and purse were relatively pricey compared to what I usually spend.  In the case of the cardi/jacket though, I had been eying those two items for a while and had been watching out for their eventual markdown.

Pictures of my new acquisitions, plus shots of what I returned from last week, after the cut.

What I Bought:

(from L-R, in approximate order of rows in the above Polyvore set):

Blooms Above The Snow Cardigan (Anthro) $80: I tried this on a few months ago and absolutely fell in love, but the $160 price tag was just insane.  Even $80 is a bit insane, but this cardi is just GORGEOUS.  It seems like it flew off the racks, at least at Chelsea and Rockefeller in NYC.  I actually kind of spaced on this piece when I went to Chelsea and forgot to look for it (I don't know if I even saw it in the store), but fortunately had the presence of mind to call Rockefeller in the afternoon and have them put one on hold for me.  By the time I went to pick it up at 7pm, there were none left.

I love these details: the white flower on the back, the green stem on the left sleeve.  A great spring and summer cardi!  Fortunate that it's going on sale right before spring/summer.  Can you see why I was willing to spend $80 on this?

To A Tee Blazer (Anthro) ($60): Another one I've been eying for a few months.  Looked flattering on me and will be a great everyday blazer.  I've already worn it three times (yes, since Tuesday.  But not all day.  Judge not lest ye be judged, friends.)

Green Mountains Skirt (Anthro) ($30): I didn't want to spend $50 on this, but with a second cut I couldn't resist.  I failed to take pictures of it, but this is another nice, flattering piece.  I'm not sure if the pattern will make it difficult to style, but we'll find out.  If I don't reach for it, I'll return it.

Change your Spots Clutch (Anthro) ($50): Impulse buy, but I LOVE this purse.  I love that it can be a clutch OR a shoulder bag, and the pattern is just pretty.  I bought this before I missed out on my long-stalked, similarly-patterned Kate Spade Mercury Bette Dress (see it on Roxy here) (reduced from $425 to $150 in the online sample sale; while I was contemplating whether or not to pull the trigger, and then figuring out my size, it sold out online.  BLAST YOU, FINAL SALE ITEMS AND YOUR CONCOMITANT INSPIRATION OF CAUTION).  So anyway, what I'm getting at is that this bag was not a rebound purchase; I wanted this in its own right.  It reminds me a bit of one of the most versatile night-out handbags I own---this one, by coach (here and here)---but hopefully they are different enough to justify keeping both.  I think the shoulder chain is enough to distinguish them..

Van Wrinkle Sweater (Anthro) ($20): TWENTY DOLLARS.  I'm sorry.  I had to.  Tags are already off so there's nothing you can do to stop me.  One downside: the collar of this sweater smells very strongly of someone else's perfume.  I tried washing it but the scent is still there, which I find highly irritating since I don't wear spray perfume (although I do wear this very subtle---and very wonderful---solid perfume, which I see now is DISCONTINUED??!?  WHY, LUSH???  WHHHHYYYYY????  I have one and a half tins stockpiled already but I am trying to stop myself from buying every last remaining tin on eBay...).  Hopefully I can cover this sweater in enough of my own stink to override the foreign odor.

Women's Mossimo Pearce Pumps, Dove Patent (Target) ($30 here): Who doesn't need a good, solid patent pump?

Mossimo Black Blush Peony Pumps (Target) ($25 here): See above.

Red Microfiber Tights (We Love Colors) ($10 here with coupon code kendieveryday11): You can tell I've been looking at the Kate Spade website too much when I begin thinking that brightly colored solid tights will go with everything.  Hey, maybe they will!

This patina-ed little guy (Anthro) ($18), who I can't find on the website, but is doing a bang-up job on my nightstand, holding the earrings I take off before going to sleep.

The two pairs of Target pumps were unfortunately inspired by the "Me Too!" complex that Mich mentioned in the Inspiring Interpretations entry (the catalyst was Kendi's outfit here, in which I realized the virtues of a neutral patent pump).  Despite wanting to cut down on my impulse to purchase something after seeing it on a blog, I suppose I haven't had enough practice at adapting my own closet yet.

On the other hand, the shoes will (I think) be versatile, and since shipping was free, I lose nothing by ordering them and trying them on.  If I don't like them, I'll return them.  Easy peasy.

What I Returned:

Both Volante Tees ($30 each): I just wasn't feeling excited about these.  I fervently tried to talk myself into them, and my argument was based primarily on the logic, "Everyone else LOVES this shirt!"  So, back they went.

Field Skirt ($40): Another item that seems to work for everyone, but I didn't LOVE it.  I have a bunch of other skirts of a similar length.  I do like it, though, so if it ever gets a second cut I'd consider picking it up ($20 is kind of an irresistible price point, as you saw with the Van Wrinkle sweater above).  It seems like this skirt would be great to wear on those days you don't feel like thinking much about what to wear; the elastic waistband is forgiving and the color is neutral.


I decided to keep the Pebbled & Primped boots, despite the discolored dent in the front.  I ended up getting 40% off for all the damage (heel lining, dent) if I accepted them on final sale.  All said, they came out to a little less than $36 and I couldn't say no.  I've worn them once already and really like them, and the dent doesn't seem to show up in photographs (although you can definitely see it if you're close to the boot).

Finally, here are a few shots of the Seaside Fields dress that I long desired but now that it's finally hit sale and is in my possession, I have been hemming and hawing over it.  I have both a size six and an eight, and clearly need to pick just one or neither.  I felt more comfortable in the eight, but it looks baggy in the side pictures I think?  The six looks better from the side but from the front is a little too VAVAVOOM HIPS!!!11!

More generally, after trying on the eight, I looked in the mirror and once again felt love and excitement for this dress.  So now I'm leaning towards keeping it...once I figure out the sizing issue.  I think the eight is right...I swoon every time I see a picture of that size!  Do you folks think it's too baggy from the side?

Here's the size six:

And this is the size eight:

Also, do you want to talk about how the Fruit Cooler necklace (wearing in most of these pictures) goes with everything?  Because it does, in an almost creepy kind of way.

And finally, I have firmly decided to wait for sale on my beloved Blooming Goldenrod Dress (reviewed here).  I checked the online reviews today (there are TWENTY FOUR of them already!  How is that even possible??  When did this dress come out?!  The first review is only from February 7th!) and they are more or less mediocre.  The dress has just a hair under four (out of five) stars, which I think bodes well for its eventual sale prospects.  I'll be out of the country for most of March, but I will assign a friend the task of stalking this for me and buying it if it hits sale during that time.

PS: I've got some reviews coming up for you tomorrow!

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