Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sale Haul! (a.k.a., Vicarious Shopping for the 30-for-30ers)

Boy oh boy, I was unintentionally bad during the Anthro sale yesterday!  My best intentions were derailed almost immediately when reopened their free shipping promotion for online orders over $150 (use coupon code THAWOUT).  I found a few popbacks on my wishlist I'd been curious about (a cape?  sure, let's try it.), and then added the popular Field Skirt to the mix to bring up my total for free shipping.  And I accidentally ordered two of the same blouse, probably because I was messing with the website during Fed Courts and simultaneously trying to take notes on protective jurisdiction.  Whoops, but thank goodness for the return policy.

Later at a brick & mortar store, I made a rather expensive impulse buy when I stumbled upon this coat on sale for 50% off.  It's made by Soia & Kyo and it is exquisite.  Outrageously warm, extremely comfortable, wonderfully cut, and water resistant!  The only thing it lacks is a hood, but I'm okay with that.  It fills an enormous hole in my wardrobe for the "THE WORLD IS COMING TO A WHITE, SNOWY END" coat that doesn't make me look like I'm walking around swaddled in a large, waterproof tent.  (In case you were wondering (I know you were), I returned the parka.  The arms were just too tight at the shoulders.)  I think this coat will be with me for many years to come.

As much as I adore the coat, it was expensive and caused me to put the brakes on the day.  Now I'm reconsidering my previous acquisitions with an eye towards returns, since I don't want to completely crush my February imaginary-but-still-aspirational budget this early in the month.

One nice Anthro tidbit I learned today: If you mistakenly leave your birthday discount card at home, you can bring the birthday card to Anthro along with the relevant receipt and they will retroactively apply your 15% discount!  I think the store associate said they would give store credit instead of cash, but I'm totally okay with that system since most of my cash goes to Anthro anyway :)

Case in point, my complete sale acquisitions, along with some thoughts and commentary, behind the cut.  Would love your thoughts on what I should return.

Warning: I bought a lot of stuff.  Before you sign me up for the Shopaholics Anonymous email list, please bear in mind that I usually over-buy with the intention of returning a good number of items.  I'm of the opinion that the regret of missing out on an item you want is far more painful than the time it takes to return an item you decide you don't want.  I lose nothing by buying something, thinking it over at home, and then returning it if I ultimately decide against it.  (Unless Anthro flags me as a trouble maker for this behavior...?)  Not sure if this makes sense or if it sounds like an over-rationalization, but I truly do return a good chunk of the stuff I buy.  So don't freak out once you click below...

Here's the stuff I know I want to keep:
Anthro Sale Haul 2/1: The Definites
1: Pilcro Trusty Friend Blazer ($30) (6)
2: Side Line Chemise ($10) (M, but it was the only one left and is a bit big on me, so I'm calling this TTS)
3: Exbury Cardigan ($40) (L, runs small)
4: Tweed Magnificent Belt ($10) (M/L)
5: Boughton Dress ($30) (XS, runs big) (success story: I bought this in Vegas in October and never wore it.  I loved it, but I realized a few weeks ago that this was not a $60 dress to me, but a $30 dress.  Decided to take it back...procrastinated until it got a second cut to $30 yesterday.  I was too late for a price adjustment, but I returned it and was able to call the store a few hours later and purchase it over the phone for the new sale price.  I pay the price I wanted and Anthro gets $30 from me instead of nothing.  Yay win-win!)
6. Entrusted Mini ($20) (8, runs small)
7. Clockwise from top: Marshmallow world headband, Budding Hues Headbands in assorted and grey motifs ($20 each)
8. Petal Curves Puffer Coat ($150) (GAK. SHIZZ JUST GOT SERIOUS. APPLY BRAKES.) (M) 

Also, I got these things, which don't seem to exist anywhere online:

Left: Jellybean Bow Earrings ($20) (SKU 20023990) (Had my eye on these for about a month!  Love the color.)
Right: Leather Flower Bobbies (SKU 19266584) by Jane Tran ($5 for two bobbies)

Left: Lace Floral Tights (SKU 19024330) ($5) (M/L) 
Right: Cardigan/Sweater by Sparrow (SKU 19200245) ($30) (M) (CAN ANYONE TELL ME THE NAME OF THIS THING???  Not even customer service had the SKU number in their system!)

This was initially in the "probably return" pile, but it's such a lovely color, and so soft, and I don't own any cropped sweaters, and $30 is a great price point, and I just totally talked myself into it.  Stop judging, Mitch.

And now for the stuff I'm just not quite sure about:
Possibly Returning
Top Row: Rising Ra Cardigan ($50); Everything-in-Place Cape ($50) (UPDATE: Cape has been cancelled.  Sadface.); Compass Points Top ($30); Volante Tee in white and purple ($30); Belladonna Top ($40)
Second Row: Field Skirt ($40); Bracken Stripes Blouse ($30); Raines Heels ($40); Pebbled & Primped Boots ($60); Undone Cloche ($20), Rugger Mukluks ($5), Tuxedo Blazer ($40)

Of these, I am almost certain that the Field Skirt, the white Volante, and the Belladonna Top are going back.  I didn't like the Field Skirt when I tried it on in the store today.  I agree with Spiffy, who commented that the skirt is a bit too voluminous.  This is a popular item with or without my support, but I just am not crazy enough about it to keep it.  Not to mention, I already own this skirt, which is close enough to the Field Skirt in shape, color, and function.

The Belladonna Top was just weird-looking once I brought it home:

That face says: I'm mildly amused that I thought this was worth $40 at one point in the day.

Next, I like both Volante tees, but I don't think I can justify two of these.  I mean, come on.  That bow is huge.

I think the purple looks better with my coloring, if I had to choose one.  But then again, the more I look at the white the more I like that color, too.  My biggest concern is that this tee will shrink a bit in the wash.  The purple is a size small, and is comfortable but leaves no shrinkage space.  The white is a medium and has some room to spare.  Do any of you have experience with washing this tee?  Do you think I can justify keeping them both after spending so much money already on other things?  For what it's worth, I don't have any nice longer-sleeve shirts in either of these colors.

As for the shoes, I suspect the boots will go back; I tried them on once and didn't really like them, but I want to give them another chance at the great second cut price.  I like the Raines heels in theory, but I hate suede and I have other black pumps.  No black + brown leather pumps, but black pumps nonetheless.

The other items I've never seen or tried on, so we'll see what happens when they arrive.  The online items will probably be viewed with a more critical eye since they're coming late to the party!

What about you, readers?  Did you pick up anything in the sale yesterday?  Anything you're regretting buying or not buying?

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