Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Purple People Eaters (!!!)

I love the name "Purple People Eaters" for these pumps, don't you agree?  Their actual name is the very boring "T.U.K. Women's A7825L Pump."

I had hoped to have a live OOTD involving these shoes for you today, but unfortunately the weather has not been very cooperative as of late.  With the forecast calling for even more snow tomorrow, followed by the ever-appealing-sounding "rain/freezing rain," the outlook for these shoes seeing the light of day this week are slim.  Somehow I doubt they will go over very well on Thursday and Friday when I am in the office for my legal externship this semester.  :-\

They are basically NEON GREEN in person!

I no longer concede sartorial points for loving these.  They are clearly amazing and I refuse to stomach debate on this point.  (FYI: they fit TTS and feel quite comfortable to stand around in.  I haven't tried wearing them for a whole day yet but I don't foresee major problems.)

Despite the dismal weather predictions, I'm kind of hoping to wear them today (when I'll attempt to brave the weather and visit some Anthro sales), or Sunday, when I'll find myself in Philly and probably visiting the Anthro there, too.  Why mention Anthro?  I want to expose these shoes to as many stylish people as possible and see if the reaction is positive or negative.  An experiment of sorts.  Anthro seems like a natural laboratory.

Still, in lieu of a real OOTD, I present a few Polyvore sets I created that display the puzzling versatility of these shoes.  You could credibly argue that any of these outfits would look as good with a different pair of shoes, but I don't think any of them would look quite as interesting.  My goal with these shoes is to wear something bizarre in a credible way.

Five polyvore sets (thanks for the idea, Mandy!) behind the jump.

Gals, I swear this works!!

Pictured with a different belt.  PS: How cute is this dress??  Got it for a reasonable price on Roxy's Trade Market.  I had to remove the belt it came with, but once I did that, the whole thing seemed to fit better.  I am wearing a 4 here and it fit like a glove.  Come onnnnn, spring!

Crazy Shoes 5

See?  I seriously think these can work!!  Or at least they can be worn without prompting screams of disgust from fashionable passersby.

I want to close by pouring a little bit of sugar on Roxy over at Effortless Anthropologie, whose blog has been a great resource and gathering place for fans of Anthro such as myself.  Through EA, I have purchased several coveted items I wanted to add to my wardrobe (like the Sketched Danios dress pictured in this entry), sold several items to better homes, and received hundreds of dollars in price adjustments thanks to tips from community members who kept an even more watchful eye on items I purchased than I did.  The vast majority of hits to my blog have come from Roxy's blog, and I'm grateful that new readers have found me through our mutual appreciation for all Roxy does.  Time isn't free, and maintaining EA is clearly a time-consuming gig.

So, thanks, sweetheart!

Click here to check out Roxy's list of items on sale at Anthro this week.  I hope to visit a few NYC stores and talk myself out of the extremely popular and adorable Field Skirt at each one of them. :-) (For those of you questioning my sanity --- if you haven't been until this moment, then I truly appreciate it --- you should know that I already own similar skirts in every single available color of the Field Skirt!  Seriously!  How can I justify such a purchase??) (No really, please tell me how to justify it so I can buy one.)

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