Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Outfit Triage Resuscitated: A Case of the Mondays

In this installment of Outfit Triage, we attempt to remedy the "meh"-ness of my first attempt at styling my Khaki AG Stevies.

If I may refresh the witnesses' recollection:

Shirt: Finessed Turtleneck (Anthro) (M)
Cardigan: Mohair Souffle Cardigan (J.Crew) (M)
Belt: (thrifted, $3)
Pants: AG Stevie Cords in Khaki (Anthro) (28)
Earrings: Trefoil Posts (Anthro)
Necklace: Childhood Secrets Necklace (Anthro)
Shoes: Code Pumps (Seychelles) (9) (TTS)

Something about this just wasn't working for me, and I asked for your help in providing remedial khaki lessons.  Many of you graciously echoed my fear/ineptitude with light colored pants, for which I am grateful!

Still, you all performed admirably.  See your suggestions realized after the jump.

Before diving in, I should mention that I had a much more difficult time finding pieces in my closet that satisfied your suggestions than before.  I wonder if part of the reason I had difficulty styling these pants initially is that I lack some of the pieces that would make this work?  On my list include: chunky sweaters (particularly a cream/neutral sweater) and a brightly colored long cardigan (teal? others?).

Marie was the first to jump into the fray with a suggestion.  She proposed wearing a flowy top and a long cardigan.  I love this pairing; as soon as Marie mentioned a long cardigan, I realized how much better/more comfortable I would feel by easing into the LOOK AT MY BOTTOM HALF-ness of the khakis with a cardi that dips way down into pants territory.

Flowy top (Bianka Blouse "inspired by" option?) from T.X. Maxx

Cardigan: Shadowsleeve Cardigan (Anthro) (M)
Blouse: Imitation Bianka Blouse (T.J. Maxx)
Undertank: Thrifted
Necklace: Zodiac Necklace (Anthro)
Earrings: (Anthro) 

Next, Roxy suggested changing out my grey cardigan for a sweater in a similar color as my teal pumps.  I loved this idea (did I mention teal is an awesome neutral?) and then felt immediately saddened when I realized that I have NO teal sweaters.  Here's the best I could do as far as bringing teal into the sweater...

Cardigan: Coin Purse Cardigan by LiaMolly (Anthro) (M)

Clearly, this is not what Roxy was getting at with her suggestion.  While typing this up, I realized that I do have the pieces to attempt Roxy's suggestion in reverse (teal shirt, red sweater/cardi), so I forced myself out of my sweatpants to take a few more snaps:

Top: Elie Tahari (sample sale) (S)
Cardi: Breezy Ride/Polkas Cardi (Anthro) (M)
Necklace: Feeling Dapper Necklace (Anthro)

I like the way the colors work here.  The red and teal are complementary without being Christmas-y, and the bright colors bring the eye up to my top half.  That face is the money-maker, so the more attention focused there, the better! (ha)

Needabiggercloset suggested swapping out the grey cardigan for either a cream or black sweater and replacing the teal pumps with tall brown boots.  Lisa also suggested I replace the pumps with brown boots.  This exercise helped me realize that I sorely lack sweaters, but I did my best with some cardigans and various dark boots.  I feared the boots would look too equestrian with the khakis, but NaBC's and Lisa's suggestions to use dark brown boots (as opposed to the cognac boots I so love, worn here) seemed to steer this away from equine territory.  I wish I had a chunky cable-knit cream sweater to go with this instead of my dinky J.Crew cardi.  I keep visualizing something like this or this.  I may have to wishlist that latter one!

Left: Jackie Cardigan (?) (J.crew) (M) and Taiga Oxford Boots (Anthro) (8)
Center: Jackie Cardigan and Berry-Stitched Boots (Anthro) (9)
Right: Shadowsleeve Cardigan (Anthro) (M) and Berry-Stitched Boots (Anthro) (9)

Glammz/Jen mentioned wearing her khakis with an oversized band T-Shirt, and while she was joking, I still thought it would be fun to try that, too.  This was definitely the most comfortable of the bunch!

T-Shirt: free at some event in the early 2000's
Necklace: ALDO
Guitar: Guitar Hero for Wii

I loved Miss November's suggestion of getting a J.Crew catalog and picking one of their khaki looks to use as a springboard.  With no catalogs around, I just took her own styling suggestion and tried to pair a striped top with some kind of quasi-masculine jacket while preserving the feminine mystique of the whole thing.  I like how, despite being in the same color palette (note: MN's suggestion involved a green jacket, which I lacked, and which probably would have worked better, color-wise), the different shades and textures seemed to keep things interesting.  I should have paired this with a long, multi-tiered necklace.

Blazer: Natty Blazer (Anthro) (M)
Shirt: Striped Cowlneck Tee (Gap) (M)

Finally, Alice wanted to see a brightly colored dramatic top that could "take center stage." I picked the brightest piece I had, and I loved the results!

Gah!  This top wants attention!

Top:  Arid Season Button-Up (Anthro) (4, and shrunk a bit after its first wash)
Necklace: Fruit Cooler Necklace

And there you have it!  What did you think, readers?  For those who share my ineptitude with khakis, do you feel ready to experiment with your own pairs?

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