Sunday, February 13, 2011

OOTD: Wussing Out

It takes a classy lady to snap a shot in the train station bathroom.  Aw yeah, drink it in, readers.  Drink in my classiness.

You may recognize this outfit as Potential Purple People Eaters Outfit #5.  My plan had been to wear my crazy purple and lime leopard print shoes with this outfit.  I had them on my feet, and was almost out the door...but I just couldn't do it.  The Slinking Frills pumps looked so much better (although they KILL me to walk in...despite heel grips, they are too slippy when I wear tights!).  

I feel as though that will be a consistent problem with the PPEs...although they won't mess up some outfits, they may not really add anything to it.  I may follow some of your suggestions and just take baby steps with these.  Perhaps introduce them to the world with a plain t-shirt and jeans.

In any case, I was happy with the modified version of this outfit.

Shirt: Icarus Top (Anthro) (XS)
Skirt: Marston Sweater Skirt (Anthro) (a bootylicious XS)
Tights: Hue Opaque Tights in Copper (Anthro) (M/L)
Shoes: Slinking Frills Pumps by Miss Albright (Anthro) (8.5)
Necklace: Heirloom Zodiac Pendant (Anthro) (Pisces)
Earrings: Coach
Bracelet: Blakely Bling Bracelet (J.Crew)
Belt: Banded Together Belt (Anthro) (L)

Also, I still frigging love this puffer coat.  You can always tell when I LOVE love an Anthro purchase because I rip the tags off immediately without hemming and hawing needing to deliberate.  Such was the case with this puffer coat.  You might say that such should be the case for 100% of my purchases, but I'm not sure that's really necessary.  As long as I eventually come to realize that I love a piece, that should be enough, right?  Or should it be love at first sight?

Regardless, applying my birthday discount retroactively to this purchase made it all the sweeter.  Some buy a birthday dress, I buy a birthday puffer coat.  Potato, potahto.

Coat: Petal Curves Puffer Coat
Purse: Michael Kors Harness Sachel

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