Monday, February 21, 2011

OOTD: Romantic Emulation

I think Inspiring Interpretations must be having a subtle influence on the way I assemble my outfits.  I left the house on Wednesday feeling happy with the outfit I put together, not thinking much about where my inspiration came from.

The source of my inspiration seemed simple enough:  after confessing that I had no clue how to wear this dress during the winter, I immediately *headdesk*ed after reading Thirteen's suggestion to pair with dark tights.  Of course!  I'd initially planned to wear a similarly dark brown long sleeve shirt under this dress, but it was in the hamper so I grabbed my Arid Season Button Up (fresh in my memory thanks to Alice's suggestion here).  Paired with a brown belt, and voila.

I even grabbed my Rensselaer T-Straps, which I absolutely love but sadly seem to underutilize.

It wasn't until I got home from Central Park that I realized why my sudden inspiration to wear this dress, after owning it for almost a month, popped up NOW:

Valentine's Day flowers!  Is it really coincidental that I finally chose to winterize my Changing Canopy dress (wearing it for the first time) on a day when I had beautiful orange, pink, and yellow lilies blooming in my living room?  I think not!

Even the shoes I chose had floral elements:

Can someone recommend the right color shoe polish for these, incidentally?

So, thanks, Flowers by Valli, for inspiring a bright, fun outfit!

Some more shots:

My boyfriend: "It's funny that you're looking down in the corner.  'Aw, what's that thing over there?'  What are you looking at, exactly?"

I later changed out the Fruit Cooler Necklace and made a tie out of the dress's belt:

I felt like a boy scout in the best way.

In this Outfit:
Changing Canopy Dress (Anthro) (6)
Elementary, My Dear Belt (Anthro) (M/L)
Hue Leggings (Anthro) (M/L)
Shiny Stripes Socks (Anthro)
Rensellaer T-Straps (Anthro) (40
Fruit Cooler Necklace (Anthro)
Jellybean Bow Earrings (Anthro)
Legacy Stripe Enamel Ring (Coach)
Watch (Fossil)

Don't forget to submit your Inspiring Interpretations photo by Thursday!  Every time I get a new entry, a puppy gets a belly rub.*

[Edit: See an outtake of this photo shoot over at Lisa's Reader Outtakes Feature!]

* Not really.  But only because I don't have easy access to a puppy.

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