Monday, February 14, 2011

OOTD: Fox Force Five

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  [Edit: in lieu of a Valentines-y post, I'm just going to link you to Sal's wonderful V-Day thoughts at  She writes, "Whether you’re married, engaged, committed, dating, single, celibate, or a nun, always remember that the person most deserving of your love is YOU. The love you may choose to give to others must start within you, and your love for others will be more rich and fulfilling if you learn to love yourself first. And since loving yourself is challenging and complex, take some time today – a day dedicated to love – to shower yourself with affection."  Read her entry to get some great ideas for how to be your own valentine today!]

I went skiing for the first time IN MY LIFE this weekend.  I am sore in places I didn't realize could be sore (my neck?  my palms?) in addition to the obvious places (everywhere else).  I had a great time and picked things up pretty quickly, although I mostly stuck with the easy green slopes and still fell a lot.

After falling a lot and landing in comically sprawled positions, I got a little anxious about the prospect of twisting an ankle or hurting a knee with my half marathon so close.  I took it easy on Day 2 and stayed on the easy AND short slopes.

I'm working on a few exciting new features for the blog, one of which is a unique twist on reader-submitted outfits that I hope to debut this week!  For today, since I'm tired and can't use my arms/fingers for longer than a few minutes, you get an OOTD:

I'm committing somewhat of a remix crime here; the last time I wore this skirt, it was also with these tights.  In my defense, I wore them because I thought they went well with the green shirt and not because I was out of other ideas!

I love this skirt.  It's so wonderfully thick and soft.  I had a khaki skirt of this length before I lost weight and of course had to give it up, so I was happy to find a replacement on sale at Anthro.  The khaki skirt is a wardrobe staple, as far as I'm concerned.

Shirt: (Banana Republic) (M)
Skirt: Linville Falls Skirt (Anthro) (6)
Tights: Foxy Tights by Tintorella (Anthro) (M/L)
Belt: (J.Crew)
Shoes: (Aldo) (40)
Necklace: (Anthro) (name?)
Earrings: (Frog and Pearl Posts) (Anthro) (name?)
Bracelet: Blakely Bling (J.Crew)
Ring: (BCBG)
Hairpins: (Anthro)

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