Thursday, February 17, 2011

OOTD: Bewitched

This felt like a very normal---if not a bit quirky---outfit when I donned it on Valentine's morning.

In fact my long striped socks made me feel like a bit like a witch:

I'll get you, my pretty!

The fact of Valentine's had nearly escaped my attention; as a girl with a long-distance boyfriend, these occasions sometimes pass without much fanfare.

Still, I stepped out the door feeling a wee spring in my step.  Despite the fact that my family members and my boyfriend live hundreds of miles away from me, I felt their love for me, my love for them, and my love for myself buzzing in the unseasonably comfortable February air.  I left my jacket at home.

Along the way, I was stopped by two people on the street.  The first, a young mother, exclaimed that she loved my tights (which are really knee-high socks).  We talked for a few moments about how wonderful Anthropologie is before we parted ways.

The second, a scruffy guy in his thirties, approached me as I walked to Union Square to drop off a blog sale item (local pickup = $5 discount!).  I had just treated myself to a frozen yogurt, and was walking down the street savoring each spoonful while attending to the tingly feeling of cool breeze on my forearms.  I was thinking about how much I like my Refined Cord Shirtdress, how much I like myself, and whether I wanted to splurge on a short massage on 14th street.

This man said self-consciously---worried about sounding creepy---that he wanted to tell me that I was "absolutely beautiful."  I took the compliment as it was intended, which was not as a pick-up line but as an acknowledgement that he was picking up on the vibe I was exuding, in which I felt love and comfort and internal peace.  I love it when you're digging on yourself so strongly that the emotion spreads to others.

The man asked whether I was in fashion.  I told him that I simply enjoy clothes.  He responded, "Well, you know what you're doing."

Dress: Refined Cord Shirtdress (Anthro) (8)
Socks: Pattern Pal Socks (Anthro 2009)
Shoes: Lace Lover's Booties (Faryl Robin) (Anthro) (9) (TTS)
Belt: Scarf Tied Belt (Anthro) (M/L)
Earrings: Bat Mitzvah Gift
Necklace: Thrifted ($5)
Watch: Fossil

Edit: Look4Less just found a Refined Cord Shirtdress lookalike from Old Navy for $26.  Get the details here if you're interested.  (Disclaimer: I can't vouch for the Old Navy version)

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