Thursday, February 24, 2011

Odds and Ends, Modcloth Sale

1.  Remember, today is your last chance to submit photos for Inspiring Interpretations.  (See here.)  I've gotten a bunch of awesome contributions so far and I can't wait to run the post on Friday morning!  Please submit these by midnight.

2.  Call for guest posts!  I'm leaving the country for three weeks on March 6, and while I have a few posts of my own scheduled to run during that time, I would love to get a few guest posts either from readers or from other bloggers.  The general topic area relates to your homeland/hometown/heritage.  I would need these by next Friday, March 4.  You can include as many photos as you like.  Please email me if you are interested so we can work out the details.

3.  How cute is this hat?  It prompted someone in the law school to stop walking, change directions, and walk back towards me to tell me how great it is.  I've had this for three years, but it seems that animal hats are pretty popular around NYC this winter:

(Available here)

Thrifted finds, another random outfit shot, and Modcloth sale info behind the jump.

4.  I thrifted this awesome United Colors of Benetton Coat for $20!  It fits me like a glove.

(That black bulge on your left is the bag to my camera tripod sticking out behind me.  After looking at this photo, I became very aware that I'm basically violating every single rule in Tara's excellent Photo Tutorial series running now on LGBC.  Ah well.  Can't win 'em all.)

5.  Another thrift find:  An old Anthropologie velvet jacket by Odille.  Haven't hunted around for the name yet...anybody know offhand?

6.  I love the shoulders on Anthropologie's Corinthian Top...

7.  I've never ordered anything from Modcloth before, but I couldn't resist the prices in their Cabin Fever Sale.  Beware, though...everything is final sale, so no returns or exchanges.  I only bought one dress and one scarf because I've heard odd things about the length, fit, and quality of Modcloth items.  I can think of a bunch of ways to wear the dress, so I'm really hoping it works out.

Tea Rose Dress ($21 here) and Oh What a Paisley it Was Scarf ($7 here)

If my $35 gamble doesn't pay off, then so be it.  I'll have learned a lesson about Modcloth.  ...I'm not sure whether that lesson is "don't buy Modcloth items on final sale" or "don't buy Modcloth items at all."  I'm curious to hear your experiences with Modcloth.  Have any of you bought stuff from them before?  (I know Laura has, and it seems to have worked out famously for her---see here, here, and here.  All those dresses look great!!  Fingers crossed for mine...)

A few Anthro knockoffs/look-alikes on sale at Modcloth right now, behind the jump (Note: I can't vouch  for the fit or quality of any of these pieces):

Feather or Haute dress, $25 here (kind of reminiscent of Anthro's Feather Trace Dress)

Just Browsing Dress in Dotty, $37 here (similar to Anthro's Hailstones Shirtdress)

Acorn-ucopia Dress, $38 here (Reminiscent of Anthro's Two Wheeler Shirtdress)

Forest Coral Dress, $22 here (the green cousin of Anthro's Rising Vapor Dress)

Tiers for Good Luck Coat, $37 here (teal twin of Anthro's Cym & Ripples Coat)

Getting to Bow You top, $17 here (compare to Anthro's Volante Tee)

Dress for Dinner Cardigan, $34 here (sort of the inverse of Anthro's Precious Materials Cardigan)

Did you spot any other Anthro look-alikes in the Cabin Fever Sale?  I know there are a few others elsewhere on Modcloth.

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