Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fitting Room Review: Blooming Goldenrod Dress

While hitting up last week's Anthro sale, I came across this golden yellow beauty hanging from a full-price rack, and I simply could not resist trying it on.

It's called the Blooming Goldenrod Dress by Edme & Esyllte, and it's currently selling for $138.

This dress immediately jumped out at me because of its beautiful golden yellow color, seemingly flattering cut, and delightful, shiny print on the skirt.  It seems versatile enough to be worn as a day dress or as dressier night wear.  I would have a hard time styling this for winter, but styling for Spring--Autumn would be a breeze!  Now that I'm looking again, I bet it would work for winter with frosty blue or gray accessories.

I sometimes find that I need to size up with these cinched-at-the-waist dresses.  Such was the case here.  I'm wearing a size 6 in these pictures, and while I could zip it up I think I would have been more comfortable in an 8.

I found the fit to be very flattering.  I don't have killer feminine curves, but this dress cut me in all the right places and made my shape look curvier.  Not sure how that would play out for those trying to minimize curves, but I loved its effect on me.

Sometimes cinching at the waist is a recipe for a preggo-looking non-preggo belly.  Not the case with this dress, which has that lovely grey bow to soften the waist a bit.

I should have taken a shot from the other (non-bowed) side, but I didn't think of it!  Sorry gals, I'm new to this reviewing thing.

I also loved this cute fabric detail on the shoulder:

Here's a close-up of the somewhat dimpled fabric on the top:

In short, I absolutely adored this dress.  I will be hoping fervently that it makes it to sale, but would actually consider a full-price splurge if stock starts to dwindle (pending a try-on of the size 8 to make sure it's equally flattering).  I'm trying not to go down the road of buying Anthro at full-price while I still have student loans to repay, but perhaps a once-a-year exception is alright?  (And THIS is why I don't usually try things on before they hit sale!  GAK.)

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