Saturday, February 5, 2011


(First: Thanks to for linking to my "Meditations on the Last Five Pounds" entry!  Ladies, if you're not already checking Sal's website for daily inspiration, now's the time to start.)

I was feeling pretty proud of the fact that my closet seemed to be more manageable lately---like I did a good job culling things and restraining my shopping---and then I realized:  I haven't done laundry in three weeks.

And this is just the "lay flat to dry" stuff.  (FYI: I did actually put them in some kind of neat order after taking this picture)


That's really all I've got to say today, but while I'm here, this is a shot of the headband Arokya requested.

Also, I disliked the Rising Ra Cardigan.  Pictures and explanations after the jump:

Brief answer: I found this cardigan to be bulky and I didn't think the shape was flattering.  I thought the fabric lacked strength and the piece lacked structure, creating a feeling that it could be too easily stretched or misshapen.

Disclaimer: My normal size medium was too big.  Had I sized down to a small, I might have had a higher opinion of the cardigan.  I did manage to snap ONE flattering picture of it from a deceptive angle.  

Read "deceptive angle" to mean:  it did NOT look like this IRL.  

That deceptive picture is what I was HOPING the cardi would look like.  In actuality, it looked more like this:


Double, unbuttoned blerg.

On the plus side, I did really like the heavy beading on the collar.  It didn't seem to pull too much and the yellow is a pretty shade.  The neutral knitwork sets it off nicely. 

The beadwork is not attached at the bottom, so you can lift it up like yah.

Also, I loved the buttons.

However, buttons and beadwork do not a cardigan make.  This one is going back without my stamp of approval.

(Incidentally, I couldn't find any other blogger reviews of this online, but let me know if you've done one and I'll link to it.)

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