Monday, January 10, 2011


It's Anthropologie Sale Day Eve! While I've got a LOT on my Anthro wishlist that I love and that I'll buy once they go on sale, there are a few items for which I'm particularly desperate. In the spirit of other lovely wishlist posts from fellow bloggers (see, e.g., here and here) in no particular order:

Seaside Fields Dress, Blue Motif ($138) (with only 15 left in my size online, I may end up buying this and holding it in the hopes of getting a PA. I haven't seen one in a store for a few weeks.)

Origami Flight Earrings ($78. Not sure why I'm so enamored with these, but will attempt to wait for a second cut.)

Sing Sweetly Party Dress ($148. So beautiful. So impractical)

Take Action Dress ($168. Since my Twinkle Twinkle dress is too big and I'm giving up hope of finding a size four, I'll take this identically cut dress instead.)

LiaMolly Naturally Sweet Sweater ($168 On sale for $89.95. Tried this on recently and LOVED it, but even the sale price of $90 is just too much for a cardigan. I made an exception for another LiaMolly gem, but I can't make a habit of it. Doing a dance that much resembles a pee-pee dance, hoping that this gets a second cut. Not holding my breath since LiaMolly is so popular, but the fact that I still see a bunch of these in stores gives me some hope. Drool over it on the lovely Adiaphane -- in a very personal blog post -- here.) (I may end up caving, since spending $90 on a dress I'd wear less often for some reason seems slightly less offensive but supremely more irrational.)


Laura said...

OMG! I was so excited about the arrival of my Laptop (typing on it now) I completely forgot tomorrow may be a sale day. I so love, love , love the Take Action Dress. It's the first Antho dress I've beem GA-GA about in a long time.

Those City Spectator Wedges sure would be adorable with the Sing Sweetly Party Dress. Oh my!

Thirteenlbs said...

That shirt is on my wishlist too. I am going to SLEEP so I'm quite sure it will be sold out by morning. Boooo.

Jewish Girl said...

Laura: Glad the laptop is back! I'm looking forward to spotting the Take Action dress in stores in the next few weeks; very curious about what size I'll need. I wouldn't have thought to pair the wedges with the dress, but now I see what you mean!

Thirteen: Looks like you get a pass for this week - the shirt's not on sale!

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