Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This is EXACTLY why you go to Goodwill

After having brunch with my sister on Sunday, we popped into the Goodwill thrift store across the street from our restaurant. We weren't expecting any miracles, but little did we know that we were entering some kind of Bermuda Triangle of pretty used clothes.

No sooner had I finished complaining that I no longer have the stamina to rifle through racks of second-hand clothes than I saw THESE:

Something about them caught my eye, so I turned them over to check the size.

Ummmm, BEGPARDON? Kate Spade slingbacks in almost-my-size for $15? Don't mind if I do. They seem to fit fine, despite being a half size too big.

Finding those shoes was like a shot of adrenaline, and I proceeded to pick up a few more goodies.

Some brand I've never heard of (N.Y.L.A.) for $15 (compare to these VERY similar Seychelles wedges)

Another brand I've never heard of (Minimal) for $25

My sister almost took this one for herself, but I traded her for a NWT blue strapless cotton dress with sea life on it. (Tag from Filene's for $50. Goodwill price: $20.) Doesn't the shape of this dress remind you of Anthro's Mullany Dress a little bit? No? What if I belt it?

I mean, clearly the polka dots are lacking, but I'm still pleased with the shape and quality of the dress! It also turns out that I don't have any white dresses, so this was sort of a practical purchase.

There were also a few pairs of Cole Haan shoes, but unfortunately none in my size. We even found an old Anthro dress by Maeve ("Overcast Dress" - see it on the lovely Laura here), but it was a size zero and despite both my and my sister's valiant efforts to squeeze into it, the dress would not be squozen.

I didn't make any New Years' resolutions this year (although I do have some vague desire to track my spending), but I definitely resolve to visit this store more often. They even have a return policy, which is especially fortunate since I now regret two of my purchases:

Isaac by Isaac Misrahi, $15. Cute, but the buttons are a little too gap-y in the bust and the bottom button is about an inch too high up from the bottom of the dress.

I.N.C. with Macy's tag still on it, $15. Super-cute and I love the shape and sleeves, and I don't even care that some of the beading is coming off, but it's too small. I had Kate-Spade-for-$15 goggles on when I bought this.


Mich said...

Wow, that's an amazing deal on those shoes. They look like they're in great condition, too. I'm pretty jealous of that white dress. I actually like it better than the Mullany because the solid color makes it so versatile. It fits you perfectly, too. Now I've got the itch to go hunt through some thrift shops.

Mandy said...

Uhm ... can I say ... *scream of awe*! That white mullany? FABULOUS on you! And those Kate Spades? To die for to die for! You thrifty gal, you did excellent work!! I can't wait to see some OOTD's featuring your new duds!

I am now soo tempted to hit up our Goodwill just to see if we can possibly find anything there - we have few shops in our secluded Texas town and so nothing too fancy really gets re-distributed ... but ya never know until ya look, right?! *am chomping at the bit to go!*

Jewish Girl said...

Mich: Yeah, the shoes seem barely worn! You're right about the versatility of it...at the same time, the solid-whiteness of it is a bit intimidating. I own so little white stuff that I'll have to challenge myself to wear it. I'm up for the effort, though!

Mandy: Thanks! I'm pretty happy with my sale finds...it's always good to remember that there are other places to shop besides Anthro. It's so easy for me to forget that. I actually went back to the Goodwill today and there was ANOTHER pair of Kate Spades (in a size 6 this time). I have absolutely no clue why so many women are donating these instead of selling them on eBay, but hey, I'm not complaining.

Thirteenlbs said...

You look crazy good in that dress, and those shoes are adorable. For reals.

I've never thrifted in NYC, but hear it's a thrifter's paradise, 'specially when the shop is located in a ritzier area (i.e., UES).

Jewish Girl said...

Thank you! I have a Salvation Army in my neighborhood which is pretty ho-hum, but a fellow shopper at the Goodwill told me that Goodwills are supposedly better, for some reason. I'll definitely have to check out the stores on the UES at some point...

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