Sunday, January 9, 2011

Things like this make me feel like a superhero.

I bought an ice cream cone. But they gave me way more ice cream than I actually wanted to eat. Rather than eat it all anyway, or be tempted by a half-finished cone:

Yep, I dumped it right in the grass! Huge portion sizes aren't getting the best of me today!

::swishes cape and flies away::


Mandy said...

Awesome!! That's something that I need to work on very badly - portion sizes! And darnit, ice cream sounds pretty yummy right now. :P Good for you for recognizing when you're ready to stop eating!

Mich said...

I try to do this when the scoopers go overboard. You need a good cone-to-cream ratio to really enjoy ice-cream. The ants thank you!

Sahiti said...

good job! it's way too cold here to be eating ice cream but Ben and Jerrys is always a constant temptation here in Vermont

Thirteenlbs said...

Litterer! j/k

Good for you, JG!

Jewish Girl said...

Mandy: Thanks! I have a big problem with eating more when I'm given more. It's been a challenge to learn to listen to my own body for my satisfaction signals.

Mich: Very true about the cone-to-cream definitely don't want to eat through too much ice cream before you get to the cone.

Sahiti: Thank you! It's funny you mention Ben & Jerry's - I had the same overscoop problem with a Ben & Jerry's cone a few weeks ago, but couldn't bring myself to throw out a scoop of it. :-\

Thirteen: Hehe, poor, poor grass!

Jamie said...

Oh no! I would have been devastated...and probably would have rushed off to buy a SECOND ice cream cone just to make up for it. I have a terrible sweet tooth (though I'm about to eat some broccoli, which is a pretty good 1:00 AM snack, if I do say so myself).

And I loved your previous mention of the nutritious value of goat meat. I've tried it at a few Indiana restaurants and really enjoyed it. Yummy!

Jewish Girl said...

Hehe Jamie, I'm a sweets person, too. Dinner never feels complete until I've had at least a bite of dessert. Have you ever tried roasted broccoli (or cauliflower)? It gets crispy and almost resembles popcorn - a truly excellent (and healthy) late-night snack!

I am a new convert to goat meat, but I can tell I'll be eating it again soon!

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