Thursday, January 27, 2011

OOTD: "You're turning violet, Violet!"

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Today's outfit is brought to you by the "One Color from Head to Toe" taboo in Amy K.'s "Breaking the Rules" challenge...and the color blue. And Apple ComicLife. And blueberries. Icy sludge, on the other hand, had nothing to do with anything and was generally no help at all.

Consider the blueberry...

Any exploration of the viability of dressing entirely in blue would be remiss without mention of the irrepressible Violet Beauregarde, who forged new ground in head-to-toe blueness by turning herself into an actual blueberry in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. While Violet's ultimate results left something to be desired, she remains a pioneer in the field of blueberry emulation:

"What do you get when you only wear blue?
Sacrifice green, orange, brown and grey too?
What do you think you could possibly wear?
And how many folks will stop...and...stare?
Oompa Loompa doopidee doo..."

I think I did a somewhat better job with this look than ol' Violet, there. Of course, in fairness to Miss Beauregarde, my blueberry appearance had the advantage of being voluntary. Perhaps a matter of hair-splitting, but it's only sporting to acknowledge the distinction.

Hello blueberry. I shall call you Violet Beauregarde.

This head-to-toe-color rule was a lot more difficult to fashionably break than I thought. For one thing, the shades of blue were kind of touchy. In an effort to avoid overwhelming matchiness, the first version of this outfit involved another layer of blue, but the brighter shade (and extra layer) made the whole thing seem chunky:

Stripping down to the underlayer chic-ened it up a bit. Once I got rid of the top shirt, I was able to tuck in my under shirt without adding too much bulk to my waistline. Tucking in the shirt also had the benefit of showing off this unique but maddeningly random bright gold button on the skirt:

The matching shoes weren't easy, either. The shoes I wanted to wear, and that I photographed, are these navy blue lovelies from Seychelles:

Anthropologie sold these as the "Sweeping Stitch Heel," in black and teal colorways. They are currently on sale in Anthro stores for $60 (sold out online). You can also buy them full price ($90) in mustard, charcoal, or navy (pictured). I got mine for $60 on, but they've since sold out of this color.


Unstoppable New York Suede-Ruining Sludge: meet Mild-Mannered and Mildly Water-Resistant Leather Booties

...So suede pumps were replaced with the above leather booties (only slightly more practical). But for the purposes of this OOTD, we're going to pretend I went out with the pumps:

As it was meant to be.

With a simpler, monochromatic look, my clunky accessories were able to make their own statement (the necklace's statement, incidentally, IS ALWAYS TYPED IN ALL CAPS). The belt helped break up the otherwise continuous line of navy blue with a bit of texture and a pop of light blue bordering. Matchy-matchy? Yes. But choosing a simple, classic color kept this from looking weird (I think. Agree/Disagree?). Choosing a non-black color avoided replication of the typical New York Uniform. ...Not that dark blue is functionally distinguishable from black, but it's the principle of the thing. See also, Preppy with a Twist, circa 2009 (acknowledging the value of the monochromatic NYC uniform in a color other than black, and displaying her own lighter interpretation)

I rarely wear this necklace, despite how much I love it, because it overpowers everything I wear it with. My monochromatic blueberry suit could care less about being overpowered, so the jewelry could just sit and be outrageous without competing for attention.

Top/Undershirt: Tissue V-Neck Long Sleeve Tee (JCrew, here) (M)
Overtop: (Banana Republic)
Skirt: Button Sampler Skirt by Odille (Anthro) (thanks for the name, Anjali) (4, but snug)
Tights: Opaque Tights in Navy, by Hue (Anthro)
Belt: Gift Bow Belt (Anthro) (M? Maybe L?)
Suede Shoes: In With The New pumps in navy (Seychelles, here)
Leather Booties: Blue Horizons Booties, by Everybody (Anthro; scored these for $30 during 25% off sale!) (40)
Necklace: (ALDO)
Ring: Strobe Light Ring (Anthro)
Bracelet: No idea. Filene's Basement in 2007, maybe.
Earrings: Pearl Petals by tjbooboo (Etsy, here, but shop temporarily closed)
Watch: Fossil (similar here)

One final aspect of this outfit situation that unquestionably worked in my favor: my roommate didn't come home during the five minutes I decided to take action shots with real blueberries:

Now if you'll excuse me, I think it's about time for my juicing.

Note: This entry has been "turned up to 11" by the combination of two hours of sleep last night, an unexpected extension on work, and an O.D. on mochi ice cream (thanks a lot, Stephanie).

Disclaimer: I got awesomely called out by a friend yesterday because I wasn't wearing my Chloe dress from the OOTD I posted that day. I, in fact, was wearing my third iteration of today's OOTD (Seychelles Pumps --> Everybody Booties --> Aldo Rainboots when I could no longer deny the expanding puddles on the street). Around here, OOTD sometimes means OOTOD ("Outfit of the Other Day").

Also: It's fun to talk about this blog with people I know "in real life." As funny as it is to hear the same disclaimer over and over from my friends ("I kind of feel like a stalker, but I was reading your blog...") the guilt is totally unnecessary. Trust me; my innate Jewish sense of the necessity of guilt has never failed.
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