Monday, January 31, 2011

OOTD: Peer pressure can be a beautiful thing.

I've written before about how susceptible I can be to Anthropologie-related peer pressure. Well, that peer pressure hit a fever pitch during the crazy month of Anthro's 25% off "Tag Sale." I found myself succumbing to a few very popular items that I wasn't quite sure I'd wear, but that were much more appealing with an extra 25% off.

Two of those items, the Southward Stop Shirtdress and the Anticipation Heels, joined forces for today's outfit to prove that peer pressure isn't always a negative influence; sometimes it can help us expand our sense of style to encompass something new.

(Click detail collage to enlarge)

Dress: Southward Stop Shirtdress (Anthro) (4)
Undershirt: Drawing Parallels Top (Anthro) (XS)
Belt: Looping Lanes Belt in chocolate (Anthro) (L)
Tights: Perfectly Plaid Tights (Anthro) (M/L)
Shoes: Anticipation Heels (Anthro) (8.5)
Short Necklace: (Name?) (Anthro)
Long Necklace: Poms & Trinkets necklace, with the Poms & Trinkets removed (they are SO noisy, and I was going to class) (Anthro)
Watch: Fossil (Phew! Not QUITE all-Anthro.)
Earrings: Street Vendor on my Block
Ring: Oh Hello Friend (Etsy, here) (Thanks to Carol for mentioning this shop many times on her blog)
Hairtie: Jcrew Factory

(You may recognize this as an adaptation of Look 6 here)

I love the way the Anticipation Heel worked out with this dress. I'm trying to get over my fear of not matching my belt to my shoes; while I have no qualms about breaking many seemingly fundamental fashion rules (see, e.g., the use of three different patterns in today's outfit), I still cringe when my belt/shoes/purse don't match. Not sure where this comes any of you have similar irrational reactions to fashion choices that are objectively fine?

The Anticipation Heels also fulfilled a nice function on the sludgy streets. I wore this outfit on Friday after NYC got hit with about a foot of snow overnight.

I needed cute shoes that would also function as stylish monster trucks, elevating me high above the mud and crushing all in their path. These shoes practically jumped at me from my shelf and they performed admirably --- my toes did not even get wet!

Speaking of peer pressure, I've added a bunch of new items and taken a lot of reductions on my sale blog!  Especially these shoes, which were marked down from $30 to $20, in one day!  I'm crazy like that.  As always, I'm open to reasonable offers, so feel free to make one.
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