Monday, January 17, 2011

OOTD: Love and Basketball

Saturday was bittersweet: After spending almost the entirety of winter break with BF in DC, Saturday marked the last full day before my return to New York and the grind of the academic year. Overall, it was a good day; I met a friend for brunch at Granville Moore (they are AWESOME for dinner, "meh" for brunch), then killed time reading books at a bookstore before my boyfriend's basketball playoff game (skimmed "Unbearable Lightness," bought "Time Traveler's Wife") (yes, in case you were still wondering, I am female). BF lost the playoff game in an incredibly close match against the best team in the league. BF's team was ahead for most of the game and only lost by a few points in overtime. It was a literal nail-biter.

After some downtime at the house, we hit the town to celebrate a friend's birthday. I had two outfits for the day: one for brunch/basketball, and one for the night's festivities.

Day Outfit

Dress: Refined Cord Shirtdress (Anthro)
Tanktop: Zara Basic
Belt: Looping Lanes (Anthro)
Earrings: Express
Watch: Fossil
Necklace: Childhood Secrets Necklace (Anthro)
Tights: Dotty Downpour Tights (Anthro)
Boots: Taiga Oxford Boots (Anthro) (available here, here, and here as the Kelsi Dagger Mashita boot) (run at least 1/2 size big; I had to go down a full size, but my feet are doing something weird...)

Night Outfit

Shirt: Hints of Mesh Tee (Anthro)
Skirt: Picados Skirt (Leifsdottir, $90 here) (purchased at the sample sale!)
Tanktop: Reversible Seamless Tank (Anthro, $10 here)
Belt: Nible Paisley Belt (Anthro)
Earrings: Express
Watch: Fossil
Ring: Coach
Necklace: Childhood Secrets Necklace (Anthro) (you get two close-ups because I'm kind of obsessed with this borderline-creepy necklace)
Tights: Place de la Concorde Tights (Anthro)
Boots: Taiga Oxford Boots (Anthro)

These boots are a new purchase, and I'm a bit conflicted about them. On the one hand, I adore them. They have lovely, feminine details like this...

...while at the same time they are not TOO girly;
their military style zippers and lacing make me feel like some kind of crazed female rambo.

(Hey...I never say I don't like playing that role!)

On the other hand (the hand not holding a large knife), I fear they may be a quarter size too small on me. Perhaps I should have gone with the slightly larger size instead of the slightly smaller size, but I felt like my heels were coming out of the 8.5's. In any case, the decision has been made (and re-made, and re-re-made...I originally bought the 8's, then exchanged them for the 8.5's, then wore them for a few hours and decided to exchange back to the 8's. I can no longer show my face in the Chevy Chase Anthro accessories store).

If the boots don't break in well, this may prove to be my biggest Anthro regret of all time.

What about you, readers? Do you have any items of clothing that you love but don't quite fit you? Do you tough it out and wear them anyway, or are they languishing in your closet?
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