Monday, January 24, 2011

OOTD: Ice Queen

Parka: Uncommon Field Jacket By Sanctuary (Anthro) (M) (AKA the "Frost Twill Parka" from non-Anthro vendors)

I bought this parka for 25% off the sale price on Wednesday with every intention of returning it, but I'm not sure I can bring myself to do it. It's kind of tight in the upper arms (can you see it pulling a bit in the pictures?), but it's just so darn cute. And it's lined with something soft and fuzzy. And it's not like it cuts off circulation or just has the potential to be slightly uncomfortable if I dwell on it too much.

Maybe I'm just blinded by how cute it looks with the Tria sweater skirt...?

How else am I going to keep warm on those days when a black ruffly coat will overwhelm my delicate outfit?

Please, don't take my parka away. It's cold. And I'm delicate.

I dunno. I don't have any other white coats. And after I saved so much money this week on the Tria skirt and the Oxford Boots, I really deserve a parka. ...right? ("That's how they getcha!")

I have conquered my fear of having my picture taken from a lower angle!

Shirt: Floral Frappe Top in lilac (Anthro, $30 here) (M)
Skirt: Tria Sweater Skirt (Anthro) (M) (did I already mention that I only paid $15 for this skirt?)
Belt: Elementary, My Dear Belt (Anthro)
Tights: Hue Opaque Tights in copper (Anthro) (2)
Shoes: Lavandula Heels by Everybody (Anthro) (39.5)
Necklace: (J.Crew Factory)
Earrings: (via Ideeli)
Hair tie: Gone to 'Frisco Ponytail Holder (Anthro)
Watch: Fossil

(You can see this outfit, along with many other lovely reader outfits, on Kim's reader outfit post over at Anthroholic!)
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