Wednesday, January 19, 2011

OOTD: Back to School

My last semester of law school started on Tuesday, and I can already tell things will not work out the way I'd hoped. My initial schedule was awesome -- class only on Thursday and Friday, externship field work on Tuesday and Wednesday, with Mondays free. I was registered for a negotiations seminar, which I'd wanted to take for a long time. Although Friday afternoon class would cut into my DC weekends, at least I could make up for it with Monday off.

Then yesterday it became apparent to me that I really actually do in fact need to take Federal Courts this semester; it is a large lecture class that meets in the morning on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. This throws a kink in everything, and not only do I have to drop negotiations, but I also need to find some kind of magical academic credit somewhere in order to graduate. This won't be hard, but it will be annoying.

Needless to say, I was kind of a grump today. It certainly didn't help that I woke up to damp weather and muddy sidewalks and a forecast of rain despite last night's prediction of clear skies. Today's outfit is sort of a shadow of what I'd originally planned, which had involved my new yellow pumps; I did not want to make them filthy this early in our relationship, so rather than come up with a new outfit (I was already running late for -- you guessed it -- Federal Courts), I made a few modifications to accommodate my galoshes (different cardigan, tights, undershirt, and accessories). I'm sure the original outfit will make an appearance one of these days.

I'm reaching new academic heights! (groan)

Dress (and "belt/tie"): Perthshire Dress (Anthro) (4; purchase inspired by Anjali)
Cardigan: Tied Trail Cardi (Anthro) (S) ($50 here)
Undershirt: Bob Madsie Studio (probably purchased at Marshall's or the like) (L; pre-weight loss -- too big, but still works well as an undergarment)
Tights: Textured Slub Legging (Pure + Good via Anthro) (M; too big, too late to return)
Boots: Deuell Rain Boots (ALDO) (39)
Sparkly Tiara: J.Crew
Earrings: Coach
Necklace: Zodiac Pendant (Anthro)
Ring: Etsy (Oh Hello Friend) (discovered via Carol at In Pursuit of Pretty Things)
Watch: Fossil

On the plus side, I got another price adjustment (PA) at Anthro today. An Effortless Anthropologie commenter pointed out that the price of the Tria skirt dropped dramatically, and that she was able to return her NWT item and repurchase it for the new sale price. Although this is technically not allowed under Anthro's price adjustment policy, I had a very kind sales associate who was willing to overlook the policy since my item was NWT. (Original price: $128. Originally paid: $70. Got a 25% PA a week later for a total cost of $53. Returned and repurchased for $20 less 25% so...$15. Yes. $15. You may hate me Of course, it probably helped my cause when I trotted up to the register with several new purchases in hand; true to form, I gave all my recovered funds back to Anthro, plus a little extra, by way of the Peggy Sue dress (had to size all the way up to a 10, but it loks the way I wish the Waffle Weave dress had looked. PS: why did the Waffle dress look awesome on EVERYONE except for me?) and a parka that I might return. Damn, that 25% off gets me every time.

Great way to start off my last few months as a student...ensuring that my student loan money is utterly spent.

Readers, what do you do when the weather doesn't cooperate with your outfit plans? Do you stick to the plan, make slight modifications, or go with another look entirely? Some days I just don't think I have the stamina to start from scratch.

Clearly lacking stamina.
Coat: Cym & Ripple Coat (Anthro) (6)
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