Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nifty Thrifty!

I visited the hole-in-the-wall but fabulous Goodwill on the Upper West Side again on Wednesday. I came away with something I'm not sure I will wear, but I just could not resist:

Dress: See by Chloe, $18
Shoes: Oscar by Oscar de la Renta, $15

Hmmm, you seem skeptical. You understandably have your doubts. --- Not about the shoes. I think we can all agree that the shoes are great. Maybe a bit plain, especially compared to the dress, but great nonetheless:

Perhaps it's the dress that you question. I would agree that it is certainly reminiscent of a muumuu, and the pattern is outrageous. I'd call it outrageously fabulous, but reasonable minds may differ. Still, check out what happens to this dress with a few Anthro accessories:

...Voila! A totally presentable warm weather outfit! Now I just need some 80 degree weather...

This PATTERN! I want to sear it onto my eyelids so I see only this when I close my eyes.

What do you think, all? Any styling suggestions for this behemoth?

EDIT: Geez, I just found this dress online. Original price: $580! Score!
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