Thursday, January 13, 2011

Insane Chandelier Project is Officially Underway!

...As if buying a drill wasn't "No Turning Back" enough. As you may know, I'm attempting to assemble my own chandelier based on Anthropologie's "Tea Time Chandelier" (currently selling for $1,800).

This is Anthro's version. If you hadn't already figured that out.

On Monday, I meandered down to the H Street area of D.C. to browse the local Salvation Army for chandelier supplies. I was thrilled to find something that will work as the chandelier centerpiece:

Only $5! Not too shabby!

I also scored a bunch of other parts:

All of this cost me $12!

I love the colors and design of this teacup.

Extra-long spoons.

Clearly, I still need more teacups and spoons. I set a rule that I would not buy any teacups that were chipped or stained, and I'm trying to be selective in choosing some interesting designs along with some more simple patterns.

More importantly, I also need to figure out a way to drill a hole in a heavy silver pitcher. Because of this, I'm rethinking the design a bit. I may eliminate the extra silver pieces (creamer, sugar dish) and simplify the whole thing to be the silver pitcher on top of a tray, and then the teacups/spoons hanging down from the tray. We'll see if I find any good pieces in NYC thrift stores and then I'll go from there. I'm very concerned that I won't be able to make a hole in the pitcher; if that part turns out to be easy, then I may get more fancy-schmancy and complicated.

One I'm-afraid-of-my-own-drill bonus: one of the trays I bought has a few holes already in it! I can thread some wires through these holes to attach a wire ring underneath the tray, and I can hang the spoons/cups from that wire to minimize the drilling.

See that hole on the end in the middle of the embellishment? The tray has three holes spaced around the rim.

Insane Chandelier Project Stats Thus Far:
Cost thus far: $12 for supplies
Time spent thus far: 1.5 hours


Thirteenlbs said...

How on earth...?

No WAY could I do that. Curious to see the progression!

Jewish Girl said...

Haha, me too!

Laura said...

This is utterly fantastic. Many times I have thought of doing something like this. Do you remember the all white porcelain candle holder from the Holiday or was it Gifts 2008 catalog. I so wanted that center piece. If I lived near you I would totaly be there to see this progress. The farthest I go is psuedo copy a piece of jewelry. I can't wait to see what happens. I totaly know you are going to make this work. I would have looked for the chipped and stained cups. And I like your idea to simplify the design. but I guess that depends on where you will put this object d art.

Where does a law student find the time for such endevours?

This reminds me of the day 2 years ago I took a hammer and busted the crappy avacado green tile out of my dining room table. Then purchased $300 of Italian tile. I had never tiled anything in my life. It turned out awesome. But boy was I nervous when I had my 22 year old son start mixing that grout.

vintageglammz said...

Oh goodness..i can't wait to see the finished result. I too would like to ask the same question as Laura above - how do you find time to do this with all your studying :-) I'm really impressed!

Jewish Girl said...

Laura: Thanks! I am really hoping I can pull this off. The only thing I'm actually worried about is drilling through silver. I am not too concerned about the wiring or other metal work. I'll definitely post more as I continue to make progress, so it will be just like you are here :-) Your tiling project sounds so satisfying; it feels great to enhance something like that!

Glammz: I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result, too! This is definitely the biggest craft project I've taken on in a while...maybe ever.

As for how I find the time - it helps that I'm in my third year of law school, so pesky things like "studying" and "grades" matter a lot less now than they did before.

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