Monday, January 3, 2011

Extra 25% off Kate Spade Sale Merchandise

The sale section of is on sale! Use coupon code NEWYEARS25 at checkout to get 25% off your purchase. Plus, you get free ground shipping on ANY order, no code necessary.

I'm not getting anything, but here are a few of my favorite sale items:

Doodles Pen Necklace - $27-->$20. Don't fight the trend.

Bette Dress in PopLeopard ($298-->$223, read Roxy's raves here) (wanted this one soooooo bad), Ivy ($277-->$208), and Aved/Lenda ($212-->$159)

Meribel Neda ($87-->$65) (also available in black or pink)

Plaza Sequin Amanda ($192-->$144)

Foiled Again Allana ($88-->$66) (I just bought this last week, so of course I'll recommend it!)

Knightsbridge Quinn ($197-->$148)

Jane Street Remy in cerulean blue/gold ($122-->$92) (also available in gold/pink, black/tan, darker gold/darker pink)

Tootsie Key Fob ($52-->$39)

If you are a larger size, a few of the dresses and skirts that are marked down especially low are only available in sizes 10/12/14/L, so you should definitely check it out! (see, e.g., here, here, and here).

Happy shopping!


Sara said...

This is exactly what I did not need this afternoon. Now I have to convince myself to not buy a nearly half off new Kate Spade to replace my ailing current Kate Spade (with a broken handle and such sad yellow leather). Damn you....(in the nicest way possible).

Jewish Girl said...

Wait actually have a good excuse to get a new Kate Spade, on sale, and you are able to resist? I'm impressed...

Kelly said...

man, my birthday is in two days so I'm def already in the mindset of, "go ahead and splurge! It's your birthday, what are you waiting for?" I'm surprisingly very cheap when it comes to purses, but the knightsbridge quinn (in red) is calling my name....and the yorkville elizabeth...and the knightsbridge zippered darcy. Must resist..hoping for an anthro sale tomorrow!

Thirteenlbs said...

I want that purple wallet. Immediately!

Jewish Girl said...

Kelly: happy almost birthday! I have the "go ahead and splurge" mindset almost every day, but I think it will be especially bad for my birthday. :-) Purses seem to be the only thing I'm actually kind of snobby about, but I may end up saving money in the long run because I buy fewer. The Kate Spade sale + 25% + 15% prices are outrageously tempting.

Thirteen: I want to live vicariously through your purple wallet! Did you get it?

Joanna said...

Do you happen to know how to use both Kate Spade promo codes? When I enter one (15% for new email signup), it cancels the other (25% off). :( Thanks!!

Jewish Girl said...

Aw, I'm sorry, I didn't read the fine print. I just went back and checked the terms of the promo code and it can't be combined with any other offers, so you won't be able to add the 15% on top of the 25%. I'll edit the entry.

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