Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Stayed, What Went

[Disclaimer: This post is not particularly clever. It's quite mundane, actually. But in the event that you felt invested in my earlier post, this one is for you.]

Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on my Too Keep or Not To Keep dilemma over in The Shopping Zone. It's really good for me to have an objective eye (or 18 objective eyes...or 16 objective eyes + my mom) evaluate whether I'm spending my money in the right place. It's very easy to get caught up in the rush of the sale and forget that $60 here and $70 there adds up VERY fast. The fact that my boyfriend is now considering purchasing stock in Anthropologie suggests that perhaps I should reconsider my budget.

Tria Skirt

Verdict: Exchanged for a larger size.
A few of you noted that the skirt does seem pretty tight (Missy said "ill-fitting", which I think is right on), and Brittany and Mich both made excellent points about the work-appropriateness of "Bootylicious" garb (as Mandy so wonderfully put it). Ultimately, I just can't explain why I love this skirt so much...I felt as though if I could only chose one item, it may have been this one. My initial reaction to sizing up had been the same as Jin's---namely, DON'T DO IT---but I read somewhere in the blogosphere that some folks found the same size of this skirt to fit differently depending on the individual I tried on a different medium today in the store and it fit wonderfully! Still had the lovely shape and figure-flattery as the small size, but with less clinging around the hips. It was NOTHING like the other size medium I tried on, which was droopy and formless. Perhaps someone squeezed their way into my first one and left the skirt hopelessly stretched out? Anyway, the plan is to keep the medium, return the small, and resist pulling the tag off as long as possible to leave myself an exit strategy if there is no price drop (and thus no price adjustment) in the next 14 days. I just love this skirt so much, though, I'm not sure I can resist wearing it.

Tied Scutes Flats

Verdict: Returned.
I really love these shoes, and they are so unique, but I just couldn't justify spending $60 on shoes that I could probably never wear to work. I also noticed that the only picture I really loved of them was the third which I'm wearing the lovely Tria skirt! Perhaps that skirt just brings out the best in everything. In any case, I will keep my eyes peeled for these shoes if they get a second cut to $30! (I spent the money I saved on a Southward Stop shirtdress) (I maybe bought a few other things too...err...) (I'm not totally sure I'm keeping the shirtdress...gotta mull it over...) (err...)

Tweedy Leaves Dress

Verdict: Exchanged for a smaller size.
After trying on the smaller size again in the store, I felt fine in it, and it was clear that this really WAS my size. I can't explain why I'm so afraid of going to a tailor, as Thirteenlbs, Kathleen, and my mom suggested. The thought of anyone ripping apart a new dress (especially one I can still return) for uncertain results makes me cringe a bit. Still, I'm not going to take the tags off this one yet. I'm not sure I NEED it, and as Mich said, I'm just not sure I'm in love with it. Missy made a point that my friend Esme told me recently, too, namely that if you don't really LOVE something, it shouldn't come home with you. So I'm just still not sure. I'd love it for $40, if that makes any sense/is possible. There are rumors circulating about a big "tag sale" at Anthro next week. With this exchange, I am now within 2 weeks of the tag sale (rumored to be December 23), so I'm also eligible to get a refund for the price difference between what I paid today and any sale price next week. If the dress doesn't get a second discount, I may still return it. Arguably gaming the system a bit, but considering the fact that almost all my discretionary income ends up in Anthro's hot little corporate hands, I don't feel too guilty.


Kelly said...

I think you made good decisions. Also, just so you don't feel bad about the weird sizing issues w/ the Tria skirt, I read quite a few posts where some people claimed that they had held up 2 tria skirts in the same size, and they were drastically different shapes. There's some speculation that anthro must have ordered more skirts and possibly a different factory was used (speculation, of course) or the sample sizes were different and the result was that there were two different versions of the skirt. So many people had the same issue as you. There was a one size differential in the skirt sizes due to one having a much straighter shape. So it's not just you...many people were surprised to find that the item they had tried on fit much differently than the version they had tried on.

Kelly said...

sorry, I meant the version that got shipped to them was different than the version they tried on.

And yeah, I'm hoping that tag sale is glorious and the three things I purchased the other day through pop-backs go on sale. Otherwise, I'll be playing the return game as well.

Jewish Girl said...

Yeah, I'd heard about the different sizes, too! I couldn't remember wear I'd read it, though. Very, very odd. The different factory theory makes a LOT of sense, because these were definitely two different skirts.

Thirteenlbs said...

Wow, the tweedy leaves dress looks SO GOOD on you. Jealous! It was on my wishlist for awhile, then I bought some other stuff and it sold out...I'm glad you were able to locate the better size.

Jewish Girl said...

Thank you! I'm still on the fence about it, but the colors and material are really wonderful. Hopefully it'll get a second cut in the next two weeks and I'll have an easy decision ahead of me.

Have you tried calling customer service to see if they can find one in your size in a store somewhere?

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