Friday, December 24, 2010

This week's best Googlers

I'm not sure if other bloggers face the same issue, but folks seem to find my website using oft-hilarious search terms. Admittedly, the search results have been a lot more relevant as the blog becomes more popular. Eight of my top ten search results this week were directly relevant to the blog, with one being more general ("jewish girls") and one being clearly misled (the ever-popular "jewish girls in bed".)

Broken down by day, though, I can usually catch a few people who may have been looking for something else. Here are my favorites from this week:

"what are jewish girls like": I apologize to all Jewish girls that this search result links here.

"jewish nakedladies": Absolutely NO CLUE on this one. I went through twenty pages of google results---TWENTY PAGES! You start to get into the really fetishy stuff around 8 or 9, then it just becomes irrelevant---but my blog is not linked anywhere. I can't imagine the appetite one would need to have for jewish nakedladies to work through over twenty pages of google results.

"a jewish girl likes me": My advice? Pay for everything on the first date.

feeling dapper necklace tutorial: I wore Anthro's Feeling Dapper necklace here, but foolishly failed to properly instruct on how to put it on.

Step One: slide your finger down the side of the lobster clasp to release it and open the necklace (note: if your necklace is already open, skip to Step Two).

Step Two: position the necklace on your neck and determine approximately how high you would like it to hang.

Step Three: open the lobster clasp (see Step One).

Step Four: insert the hook of the lobster clasp into the portion of the chain corresponding with your desired necklace height.

Step Five: release your hold on the lobster clasp. The necklace should now hang securely from your neck.

Oh google, how I love you and your easy blog fodder!

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