Friday, December 17, 2010

Shop My Closet! Also, Anthro 25% Off Sale.

In an effort to avoid competing with the scalpers on eBay (and to raise more money for more shopping), I've taken a hard look at my closet and picked out a few clothes and shoes that I don't get much use out of. You can find them on the aptly named Stuff Jewish Girls Aren't As Fond Of Anymore. All items are under $50 and shipping is included.

I hope these lovely items will find their way to a better home!

Speaking of shopping, I hope everyone has made their way over to Anthro to check out the 25% off sale. I was highly conflicted about whether to request price adjustments for all the stuff I've bought over the last two weeks. As you know, I've been anticipating getting price adjustments after next week's tag sale, but Anthro will only grant ONE price adjustment. As I mentioned in a comment on Roxy's blog, it's a little like being on Deal or No Deal---

"Jewish Girl, your suitcase could contain $370 or nothing. The banker is offering you $230. Deal...or no deal?"

I'm always the one shouting "DEAL! TAKE THE DEAL YOU MORON!" at the contestants whenever I stumble upon this show, so it's no surprise that I wussed out and took the 25% discount. I fear that I will regret this next week when the infamous "tag sale" hits---I'm predicting 40% off all sale products, or at least a lot of second cuts---but ultimately I figured a sale in the hand is worth two in the hypothetical ether of next week.

I'm pretty certain I'll regret the early price adjustment, actually, but it'll be a good object lesson in patience, which I sorely lack when it comes to sales.

On the plus side, I bought the Tied Scutes Flats for only $45! And I can still get a price adjustment on them if they get marked down again next week!


frugalanthropologie said...

Well.. so I guess it's confirmed info that Anthro will do PA for next week's tag sale? Hopefully they will...

Though, most of the things I bought today is way off season like at least 3 months back so I was very threatened by the fact that they will be sold out...and I witnessed with my own eyes that my chances of me getting them were very narrow...and without a doubt they are now sold out shortly after I placed an order.(Thanks goodness I got them on time..)

Now that I am very satisfy with my purchase and yet again swearing myself I won't do any shopping next few weeks... well I don't think I can pass the tag sale.. still.

Have a great weekend!
I really like your blog~

Jewish Girl said...

Thank you!

Oooh, I can't say for sure whether they will do PAs for the tag sale, but I assume so...unless they try to say that the tag sale is a "promotion" and is not eligible for a PA...but that policy didn't seem to work very well with this 25% off thing. The official company stance was that there should be no PAs because the 25% off was a "promotion," but CS is giving people PAs for online and phone orders, and some stores are giving PAs, too. I guess (hope) we'll find out soon.

It was a good idea to buy things now before they sold out. It seems very likely to me that you'll be able to get a PA for it next week, although I can't really say for sure. Even if not, then you still got great stuff on sale!

You have so much more self control than I do. I've sworn to myself that I am implementing a tighter soon as the tag sale is past. :-)

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