Monday, December 20, 2010

Peer Pressuring Myself: Southward Stop Shirtdress

I seem to be inordinately prone to peer pressure within the Anthropologie blogosphere. Generally, I have a decent eye for the type of item that will look good on me or feel comfortable, and I pass over everything else. But sometimes, readers, one of the sale items I pass over causes an absolute stir amongst my fellow bloggers. In the next few weeks, I see tons of beautiful OOTDs and read tons of comments from fangirls seeking the piece in their size. I start to question my judgement. I start to think that I must have missed out on something AMAZING AND I MUST HAVE IT NOW!!!11! Then the thrill of the hunt kicks in and my money is as good as spent.

Such was the case with the Southward Stop Shirtdress.

I passed this one over when it first went on sale figuring that it would not flatter me, but soon saw really adorable outfits floating around and started to regret my decision. I touched a size 0 in a store a few weeks ago and loved the print and the soft corduroy material. Last week, Anthro customer service found two in my sizes (4/6) in NYC and after considering both, came home with the four (the six had an inordinate amount of extra fabric and wasn't particularly flattering).

But oh, I am having doubts readers. I'm having doubts even though I got a PA and this lovely frock was only $45. To make myself feel a bit more comfortable with the purchase, decided to apply peer pressure to myself, via lots of photos on my own blog. (It didn't hurt that this helped me procrastinate on writing a seminar paper for about two hours). My goal was to style this dress in as many ways as possible. I must say, I'm shocked at how versatile this dress is.

Look 1: Simple
Shoes: Rensellaer T-Straps

Look 2: Simply Belted

I sort of like the way the Paisley belt looks with the bird pattern on the dress! This belt is one of my favorites from this week's sale acquisitions. Its name---"Nimble Paisley"---is apt; I find it hops easily from one outfit to the next.

Belt: Anthro Nimble Paisley Belt
Shoes: Anthro Rensellaer T-Straps by Miss Albright

Look 3: Complementary Patterned Shirt

The shirt had kind of a southwardly charming pattern to it (it reminds me of curtains you might find in your someone else's country home), and the colors were soft enough so as not to be too distracting.

Shirt: By Lily White, Nordstrom Rack
Belt: J.Crew floral belt weaved through Anthro's Belt (can't remember the name...I thought it was "infinite loop" or "infinite knot," but nothing is coming up on google. The SKU is 19345495, if you want to hunt it down.)
Shoes: Christian Syriano for Payless

Look 4: Cardigan-ed

While I really like this cardigan, and I love the colors together, I don't particularly like covering up the unique ridges on the chest of the dress.

I rarely wear these shoes since they are just a smidge too small to walk in for long spans, but the coordinated gold embellishments on both shoes and cardigan were too good to pass up.

Cardigan: Imitation "Field Game" cardigan by Pleione, Marshall's
Shoes: BCBG

Looks 5(a) and 5(b): Keeping Warm

With a neutral, long sleeved body suit, I get the warmth of a cardigan without obscuring the pretty details of the dress. Boots make this look more rugged and casual, while the Mary Janes dress things up a bit.

If you don't own a bodysuit because you are a rational person, this obviously would work with any relatively tight long-sleeve shirt.

Look 5(a):
Anthro Bodysuit
Anthro Looping Lanes Belt
Anthro Berry Stitched Boots

Look 5(b):
Anthro Bodysuit
Anthro Infinite Knot (?) Belt
Target Mary Janes

Look 6: With a button-down Haberdashery shirt

Not quite business professional...more "Laura Ingalls Wilder has a job interview at the country store." Finding a button-down shirt that worked with this dress was no small task; strong colors or very solid stripes were a bit too much. The shirt I chose has muted colors and some ruffling on the neckline that seemed to complement the details on the dress. I buttoned the shirt all the way up to minimize interference with the dress's neckline.

Shirt: Anthro Parallel Lines Shirt (sold out online, but still available in some stores for $20)
Shoes: Nine West Gaynor in Pink Suede (on sale here; also available in black, grey, and camel)

....Yep. Totally talked myself into it.

What do you think, readers? Good purchase? Are any of these looks total misses? If you have this dress, how do you like to wear it?


Mandy said...

You look adorable adorable adorable! Another fun look: wear it as a coat! Here's my take:
You have to keep that dress, you look GORGEOUS in it and have styled it to perfection!! :P I'm such an enabler, I know.

frugalanthropologie said...

I vote for 5(a) !! It is just incredible how you felt about this dress because I felt just the same way about it. First it just didn't attract me much(at all)then I saw it on so many lovely ladies and gave it a chance and tried on. Well.. men.. I was totally hooked!! In fact, I am wearing mine right now for holiday company luncheon!!(how funny! I will post my pictures later)

It is a definite keeper!

Jewish Girl said...

Mandy: Thank you! You are an enabler in the best way. haha. And ooh, I should try that dress-as-sweater/coat look! Some of your pictures of this dress definitely encouraged me to take the initial plunge!

Jin: That's so funny that we both had the same reaction to this dress. I did a double-take when I clicked over to your blog and saw your pictures (you look fab, btw!) because it fits us so similarly...we must have almost the same proportions!

Laura said...

You are totally freaking me out. The Belt is MY Infinity Belt. You are also wearing MY Rensellaer T-Straps, Paisley Nimble Belt, and MY Berry Stitched Boots. But I don't have the Southward Stop Dress.

You just spread the need to me.

I can't try on the dress. You look about the same size as me but taller. I am 5'6", 130 lbs, 35-28-36, 34C-D. Normally a size 4 in most Anthro. Sometimes a 6 to accommodate a larger rib cage just under the bust. Perhaps you can recommend a size for me.

I love your looks. The only one that seems slightly off is the sleeves showing in number 3.

You did an excellent job on convincing me I need this dress. Now off to find the online reviews.

Thirteenlbs said...

Wow! I like 5a best too. And yes, bodysuits are the bomb. No bunching at the middle, you know. I also like look 2.

Jewish Girl said...

Laura: Wow, we share a closet! I have almost the same measurements as you, but I have a 36B chest and weigh about 140. This is a pretty close fit for me around the waist, but the six felt too big. I'd recommend the four, although lacking bust-ular blessings myself I don't have a decent sense for when one would need to size up for that reason. I think you're right about the sleeves - they're not showing very evenly; it might work better with a short sleeve top that is more over-the-shoulder.

Thirteen: I've come to realize how great bodysuits are as an under-layer. I especially like the way they still look smooth under thin fabric.

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