Thursday, December 16, 2010

OOTDs: Double your pleasure

Two outfits for you today, very little commentary! I'm working to perfect a cake recipe I'm developing, in the hopes of sharing something delicious with you on this blog.

(incidentally, had another minor kitchen failure yesterday: was baking this prototype cake to bring to my study group in the morning, and everything was going smoothly...VERY unlike last time...and just as I got to the last step, while I was worrying whether the cake would be fresh enough to bring to study group after sitting overnight---that's when I realized that I'd gotten my days mixed up. Study group was NOT tomorrow, and I'm a bonehead. But on the plus side, I get to take another stab at the cake)

(Incidentally, I do feel a little silly/superficial posting these, but I LOVE looking at other people's outfits (and often turn up as helpful google results when I'm trying to figure out how to wear something), so here we are.)

Shirt: Loosely Looped Tee
Skirt: Marston Sweater Skirt
Slip: Floral Muse Slip
Belt: Nimble Paisley Belt ($20 here)
Shoes: Rensellaer T-Straps by Miss Albright
Tights: Neutral Paisley Tights
Necklaces: J.Crew (long with the flower), Anthro Zodiac Necklace, and a random beaded strand from H&M or Forever 21 [The belt was purchased a few hours after leaving the apartment, so I think I was trying to make up for the fact that I obviously needed a dark belt by distracting people with my neckwear.]
Earrings: Anthro Trefoil Posts

This outfit inspired someone to tell me, "I love the way you dress---it makes me happy!" What a wonderful compliment! I have only worn this cardigan once, and was just thinking that perhaps I should try to sell it, when I figured I'd give it one more shot in the big leagues. It performed admirably.

Dress (and matching belt): Brassica Shirtdress (on sale for $30...sold out online but still available in stores)
Cardigan: Split Decision Cardigan
Necklace and Earrings: J.Crew (earrings $19.50 here)
Tights: Place de la Concorde Tights (loved pretty in person, although a bit thin for winter)
Shoes: Lavandula Heels by Everybody


Mandy said...

Ooh can I ask what size you're wearing in the Brassica dress? Love those Lavandula Heels - just gorg!!! You are super cute in both outfits; don't worry, I love seeing other people's outfits too! :)

Jewish Girl said...

It's a size four. The six also fit, but it was a bit too poofy below the waist. I adore the heels, too. A splurge, but I just think they're so special :-)

Thirteenlbs said...

Both outfits are SO adorable. I LOVE the tights too. And I also wore the split decision cardigan today. It is cold!

I actually feel a little weird posting outfits too. I mean, it IS sort of strange to take pictures of yourself! (Right?) But it helps me to make sense of my body and what looks good on it-- to "own" my image as good old Stacey and Clinton would say.

You look incredible!

Sara said...

I totally just bought that Anthro paisley belt. I hope the medium fits!

Jewish Girl said...

Thirteen: Thank you!! I just love that yellow skirt, but I can tell it will be a challenge to style it. The cardigan has definitely grown on me after wearing it yesterday! And I think you're right about getting a sense of your body with the outfit photos. A few of the shots from yesterday suggest that I shouldn't wear my belt quite as high as I did! As strange as it is to do it yourself, I totally find it helpful when other people do it.

Sara: I LOVE the paisley belt. The fabric/elastic material is super-soft, too. I think I usually take a L in belts and I took a M in this one. The L fit, but it was a teeny bit loose.

Jewish Girl said...

PS: my favorite thing about the belt is that it works well where a dark brown belt would work, but it's visually interesting enough to add a bit of spice.

Sara said...

I usually wear wide belts decoratively, at the waist (I have no illusions of wearing this belt--or any belt--across my hips). So I am hoping that it will stretch just right. Worst case scenario, it get's returned. For $20 (including shipping), it just could not be denied.

Jewish Girl said...

Totally agreed about the $20. It's probably my favorite of the sale belts I bought this week (an embarrassingly extensive array). This one is fairly stretchy and may actually work around the hips!

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