Wednesday, December 22, 2010

OOTDs: Boyfriend Edition

My boyfriend, who lives in DC, came into town this weekend! He appreciates Anthro clothes on me the perfect amount---enough that I feel wonderful wearing them (and not guilty buying them), and not so much that I feel like I'm dating Michael Kors. Perhaps this is a valid excuse for wearing 98% Anthro in these outfits? Or maybe the fact that my closet is 98% Anthro? Eventually I will diversify, just as soon as this store stops being so lovely.

Oh wait...bad plan...

Pre-Arrival House Lounging:
I gotta say, this is the first of Anthro's chemises that I've kept---they usually look too nightgown-y for me---but I really, really love this one. After this weekend, I now completely see the appeal of a chemise. It's perfect when you want to wear something comfy and casual to lounge around the house, but you still want to look pretty.

Chemise: Interpretation Chemise (Anthro)
Cardigan: Imitation "Field Game" Cardigan by Pleione (Marshalls)
Shoes: Tied Scutes Flats (Anthro)
Necklace: Local Street Market

A Night on the Town
We had dinner, saw a play ("A Small Fire") and then hit up a few bars (including Rolf's, which you MUST visit ASAP if you live within five hours of NYC---here's why) and then went for pommes frites.

I don't know why I look like a linebacker in the first photo...BF took the picture and he's taller than me, so perhaps its an angle thing.

Dress: Cordial Embrace Dress (Anthro) (I passed over this SO many times in the sale section, but recently tried it on and it blew me away. This one is less than $35 on sale!)
Bodysuit: Arabesque Bodysuit (Anthro)
Belt: Nimble Paisley Belt (Anthro)
Tights: Minuet in 3/4 Tights (Anthro)
Shoes: Rensellaer T-Straps (Anthro)
Necklace: Zodiac Necklace (Anthro)

A Day on the Town
I never thought I'd say these words, but Jeggings saved the day! I really wanted to wear this fun, frilly frock, but it was just too dressy with tights. Jeggings TOTALLY did the trick, I think. I still looked like I was wearing a dress, but the denim legging dressed it down the perfect amount.

(PS: I'm still reluctant to accessorize this dress. Any thoughts? Am I limited only to necklaces? Maybe a brightly-colored skinny belt?)

Dress: Volante Tunic (Leifsdottir) (here) (I scored this at the Sample Sale!)
Jeggings: J.C. Penny (yeah, you read that right. I'm not ALWAYS fiscally irresponsible) (these are the ones I got, but these look better somehow)
Boots: Aldo Legacy Boots (on sale here) (next time I wear this dress, I promise to wear different boots)
Necklace: Gift from BF, purchased in Brazil
Headband: Anthro
Earrings: See-Through Petals Posts (Anthro) (I actually hate these. I don't know why I have them in two colors)


Mandy said...

Gah you are just so stylin' I could cry! Love all of these outfits, they are wonderful! I am jealous of your Volante score - I wouldn't be afraid to belt that sucker at all (although I probably wouldn't use a stretch belt but a belt with holes - I find stretch belts give me a weird "side pooch" in little tunics like that while a nice belt with holes doesn't). A skinny belt would be so chic! A pretty scarf would be a lovely addition too! :)

Jewish Girl said...

Aw, you're too kind. I love the Volante Tunic/Dress...I love even more that it's still $215 online!

The more I look at the picture of the dress, the more I see the exact spot where a skinny belt would work. That's very interesting about the stretch belt v. holey-belt thing. I'm about to return a lovely dress that I couldn't belt because it poofed oddly...perhaps I should try a non-stretch belt before throwing in the towel.

I would never have thought of using a scarf! Were you thinking around the waist or around the neck? Both would add something, actually...this dress does create a lot of open chest space.

LilMissSeamstress said...

Hey here is another being with closet 98% full of Anthro!!! Yay~ haha I ordered Cordial Embrace Dress too in Grey, but it just didn't sit on a right place...(have long waist and this is one of the biggest issue I have with some Anthro dresses)And how cute that Headband is! I ordered the similar one(it's darker grey. Will post soon)and just love it!Yours is perfect with your knit top! And that jeggings totally works for you! they are warm and does the job just like tights with more casual look!

Sorry for that linebacker shot (haha)It truely is a privilege of having tall BF! So it's all good after all!


Mich said...

You look great in that chemise. Also, you're making me fall in love with the Volante tunic. The shot on the model does nothing for me, but on you it's perfect. Sadly, the price is unacceptable, so I'll just have to live vicariously.

Kelly said...

I actually think the Leifsdottir dress looks better as a tunic! It's so cute! I liked it when you showed how it could be worn as a dress, but I think this is a more practical everyday look. I think you really did a good job styling it.

Laura said...

Love what you did with the Chemise. And the Field Game look-a-like is so perfect over top. Are those little bows on the flats.

It's the angle of your camera that is making you look like a line backer. I have both the belt and those shoes.

My BF likes to see me in Anthro, but hates my obsession with it and blogging. We argue over it all the time. I told him he watches TV as much as I blog. I got him.

Love the last outfit. I might need to invest in some jeggings.

Right now I a bit upset with a certain Anthro store that mailed something special to me today of all days on my Birthday. Argggggg....

By the way, I like everything Jewish Girls like. I just had to say that.

Jewish Girl said...

Jin: I too have to be careful with some of the Anthro waists. All of my extra weight sits in my belly, so some of the waistlines just slice me all wrong. I have yet to find a Tracy Reese skirt that works well for me, but I sized up in the Peppered & Striped skirt and I'm hoping it works better!

Mich: I love the bodice on that chemise! So flattering. And I agree with you on the price of the Volante's sort of obscene. Even at the outrageously reduced sample sale price it was barely justifiable.

Kelly: I was surprised at how nicely the Volante worked with the jeggings! I'm curious to see whether it looks too Dress + Pants if I wear jeans with it. I've never been a big fan of the dress-over-jeans look, but that's the magic of jeggings. Not quite jeans! Hehe.

Laura: Aw yay, glad you like my likes! hehe. I'm new to the world of Anthro chemises and I seem to be pretty picky with them, but this one felt substantial. I got excited when I saw how wonderfully the cardigan paired with it! The shoes are knotted on top. Here's a close-up: I can sympathize with the BF stuff. BF and I share a lot of interests, but obviously he could care less about whether I get an Anthro price adjustment (and other such details), and he's not crazy about the fact that "Jewish Girls in Bed" is still a top-ten google search result leading people to my blog :-) (of course, BF is responsible for a few of those searches. haha) So frustrating about the security tag on your cardigan!

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