Saturday, December 11, 2010

OOTD: Let the hours roll by, doing nothing

So far I've been awake for five an a half hours. Instead of studying, I have done the following:
  • Checked blogs/twitter (several times)
  • Ordered two dresses over the phone, thanks to Roxy's In-Store Community Post (yay for Manor Gates and Twinkle Twinkle dresses!)
  • Walked to the law school to get my casebook
  • Picked up some plates from my journal's building
  • Ate sushi. And cookies.
  • Reorganized my closet(s). (Plural. More on that another day.)
  • Showered. Made coffee. Drank coffee.
  • Lamented with a friend how little time I have to exercise. (Irony fully recognized by at least one of us.)
  • Tried on new clothes that arrived just as I was sitting down to study (for real this time)
Most ridiculously of all, I spent about forty minutes coming up with the perfect lazy/casual outfit to wear while studiously studying on a Saturday:

Shirt: Anthropologie Philomene Top (on sale for $20 here)
Leggings: Hue Frost-Free Leggings (similar here, $20, but the high heels make them look less comfy and more "While I put these back on, you put $50 on the dresser and get the hell out of here.")
Belt: Anthropologie High Prairie Belt (similar here, $7)
Slippers: Victoria's Secret (different style here, $25)
Necklace: Anthropologie Zodiac Neckalce (Sold out online, $30 in stores)
Earrings: Coach Black Pave Crystal Drops (similar here, $70)

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