Sunday, December 12, 2010

OOTD: Don't worry, we'll all float on

It was wet and warm in New York today after some early morning rain (I swear, I was totally going to exercise this morning if it had been dry). Something about wet weather makes me want to dress in nautical wear.

Shirt: RXB via Marshalls
Jeans: Anthro Joe's Best Friend Jeans
Necklace: Anthro Poms & Trinkets (here) (Anthro accidentally reduced this by 50% for about four hours two weeks ago, and I managed to snap it up before they corrected the mistake)
Bracelet: Anthro Royal Tailor Cuff (sold out online, but still floating around in stores)

Rain Boots: ALDO Deuell (on sale here)


Lola Nicole said...

Great purchases! In love with the shirt and I own the same rain boots. :)

Jewish Girl said...

Thanks, girl! Was especially excited to nab the necklace for the mistaken sale price.

The boots are new favorites, I think. I got them for $22 on 6pm (almost $30 with tax and shipping though), and they are a wonderful twist on basic black galoshes. Pretty comfy, too!

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