Wednesday, December 29, 2010

OOTD: AC, baby, AC!

My boyfriend and I are spending the remainder of 2010 in our favorite east coast vacation destination: Atlantic City. No need to check your browsers; you have not stumbled upon "Stuff Jewish 80 Year Old Retirees Like." I genuinely love the place. New Jersey generally gets a lot of raised eyebrows from our friends, and for some reason Atlantic City gets a particularly bad reputation. Still, it's the perfect destination for me and BF (and likeminded friends).

  • It's a reasonable driving distance from both NYC and DC, with buses making many trips a day.

  • There's a lot of poker.

  • There's a sizable outlet mall, including your staples: J.Crew, Banana Republic, Coach, and Gap.

  • There's a good beach, which is irrelevant right now but is great in warmer months.

It doesn't hurt that we usually get free rooms on weekdays, either!

Yesterday, we spent almost seven hours on the bus (lots of stops) and were happy to finally arrive. We ate at an Indian Restaurant in the Taj Mahal casino (is that offensive in itself?). We had goat, which I've been meaning to try for months. It's a red meat, but it's exceptionally low in fat and calories (red meat with the calories of chicken: only 125 calories for a four ounce serving). It was quite good, tasted just like beef with maybe a hint of lamb chop. Goat meat is tough by nature, but "Royal Albert's Palace" simmered it into tender perfection. (Note: I agree with some of the negative review of this place: service wasn't great and the food was overpriced. However, entree portions were huge and could easily be split, cutting costs).

Anyway, here's what I wore:

Cardigan: Breezy Polkas Cardi
Shirt: Gap
Jeans: Joe's Best Friend jeans
Shoes: Anticipation Heels by Miss Albright (Anthro)
Socks: Stone Rose socks (yes, I did laundry yesterday)
Belt: J.Crew
Necklaces: Both Anthro. The long one is the Poms & Trinkets necklace; not sure about the short one.
Ring: local art fair


Ady said...

hahaha! I looked at the pictures before reading the post and was expecting something different. The last picture I mistook for a flipping the bird picture. :)

I love this sweater on you.

Loraine said...

Love the combo of stripes and polka dots! Have fun in AC!

Jewish Girl said...

Ady: OMG, I can totally see how it would look like I'm making a profane gesture. Lol. I love the sweater too, although I sort of messed it up by running it through the wash (even though I used cold water and air dried it). Still fits at least!

Lorraine: thank you! I think the polka dots are subtle enough to provide interest without being overwhelming against the stripes.

Thirteenlbs said...

Hey! Have fun in AC. Incidentally, hubs and I like it too- went for the first time this summer! It's so diverse! The beaches (ahem, and outlets) are lovely too, aren't they? Enjoy!

Emily said...

Have a fun time! We should all go sometime--- But not hangover style like E. suggested that one timw with ^..^

Laura said...

OMG! It totally does look like you are flipping the bird. How funny!

Love the Breezy Polkas and everything else that Jewish Girls Like. I love how you pattern mixed polka dots and stripes in B&W. You took this Cardi from simple to sophisticated and made it a standout in the crowd.

We will let you slide on the hand gesture. But only once, and on Thursday. Makes me wonder if any of my photos have ever been scrutinized and found to contain Adult material I failed to recognize. Bloggers need their own editors.

Mandy said...

You look cute as a button - love that cardigan and that necklace pairing (I'm tempted to snatch that cutie up on sale thanks to you)! Hope you have fun in AC! And goat is delish! :P

Jewish Girl said...

Thirteen: I love that I can do my gambling and my shopping in one location! I have a coach purse that I will always associate with 7-8 of diamonds, since that's the hand that earned me the money to buy it. Now they just need to get an anthro in here!

Laura: Thanks - I love the cardi too, and I was happy to see I could mix it with stripes in this way. You are too funny re: the hand gesture on Thursday. It's good to have readers to point these things out to n3wb bloggers like me!

Mandy: Thank you! I like the Poms & Trinkets went on sale for about four hours one day (mistakenly) and I managed to nab it in a store at the sale price of $20! I'd recommend it, although I'd warn that it's pretty noisy because the trinkets clack together.

Jewish Girl said...

Emily: YES! Come with us next time!

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